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  • Monthly Training Webinars on Research Data: Sources, Tools and Applications

    Monthly Training Webinars on Research Data: Sources, Tools and Applications

    Co-Sponsored by China Data Institute and Future Data Lab

    11:00AM-12:00PM, Thursday, US Eastern Time

    September 24, 2020 – August 12, 2021

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    1.         September 24, 2020, Understanding the Gov’t Statistics

    2.         October 22, 2020, Understanding the Population Census and Demographic Changes

    3.         November 19, 2020, Understanding the Economic Census and Industrial Changes

    4.         December 17, 2020, Understanding the Administrative Maps and Regional Geography

    5.         January 21, 2021, Spatial Study of Innovation with Patent Data

    6.         February 18, 2021, Spatial Study of Health with Statistics, Census and GIS Data

    7.         March 18, 2021, Spatial Study of Environment with Statistics, Census and GIS Data

    8.         April 22, 2021, Understanding the Urban Development

    9.         May 20, 2021, Understanding the Rural Development

    10.     June 17, 2021, Understanding the Mobility in Geography

    11.     July 15, 2021, Understanding the Culture in Geography

    12.     August 12, 2021, New Development and Directions: Data, Tools and Applications

     This webinar series will introduce some research data with a focus on China and discuss the difference from the US data. Each webinar will cover the following topics: (1) data sources, data collection, data category, definition, description, and interpretation; (2) alternative data and derivable data from other data sources, especially some big data sources; (3) comparison of data difference between the US and China; (4) available tools for efficient data analysis; (5) discussions on pros and cons; and (6) data applications in research and teaching.

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    The webinar is free for those current China Data Online subscribers, which will require valid college email accounts and promotional code. The list of current institutional members and the library contacts can be found at https://chinadatacenter.net/Learming/SeminarsContent.aspx?id=5113. Please contact office@chinadatacenter.net if there needs any further information.

    For other non China Data Online subscribers, there will be a registration fee of $68-$98 for each webinar (which will offer one-month complimentary access to Statistical Database on http://china-data-online.com) or $680-$980 for the year-long program (which will offer one-year complimentary access to Statistical Database).

    Qs & As about “The Monthly Training Webinars on Research Data: Sources, Tools and Applications”

    Q: When the training program will start?

    A: The 1st webinar will start from September 24, 2020.

    Q: Is this program free?

    A: It is FREE for those current China Data Online subscribers, including all staff, faculty, students, affiliates who have a valid email account from those institutions which have a subscription to China Data Online (http://china-data-online.com). Otherwise, there is a registration fee. The FREE registration will require valid college email accounts and promotional code assigned to those institutions. Please ask for the promotional code from your library contact. (see the contact list at https://chinadatacenter.net/Learming/SeminarsContent.aspx?id=5113).

    Q: Is the registration required to participate in the webinar?

    A: Yes. For those who have registered but missed the webinar, we’ll send them a link for recorded webinar and PPT after each webinar.

    Q: Where shall I register for free program?

    A: Go to the event site (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/87068378865/), click “Tickets” for registration. Enter the promotional code for FREE Registration.

    Please feel free to contact office@chinadatacenter.net if there is any further questions.

    NOTE: This webinars series is co-hosted by Knowledge Sharing Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact: office@chinadatacenter.net
  Email: office@chinadatacenter.net