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  • Recent Developments in Local Spatial Cluster Detection
    Wuhan, China
     The Training Workshop on “Recent Developments in Local Spatial Cluster Detection”


    Luc Anselin

    Director, Center for Spatial Data ScienceUniversity of Chicago

    Wuhan UniversityDecember 12-13, 2019

    The concept of a Local Indicator of Spatial Association (LISA) has been around for more than 20 years and has seen many refinements since its initial introduction. In this workshop, the fundamental idea behind this statistic is reviewed and a number of recent univariate and multivariate extensions are outlined. The methods are illustrated through their implementation in the latest version of the open source GeoDa software and data case studies with software (Knime and R AnalyticFlow) for workflow data analysis.

    Dec 12, 2019Univariate Analysis

    ·         The many faces of spatial clusters

    ·         LISA principle

    ·         Local Moran and local Geary

    ·         Getis-Ord statistics

    ·         Local join count statistics

    ·         Quantile LISA

    ·         Interpretation


    Dec 13, 2019Multivariate Analysis

    ·         The multivariate problem

    ·         Spatializing classic multidimensional analysis

    ·         Multivariate local Geary

    ·         Multivariate local co-location statistics

    ·         Multivariate Quantile LISA

    ·         Future directions

    Contact: yshao@whu.edu.cn
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