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  • Training Workshop on "Spatial Data Lab"
    Wuhan, China

    Training Workshop on “Spatial Data Lab”

    Co-Organized by

    China Data Institute

    Geospatial Center for Social Sciences, Wuhan University

    Wuhan University

     July 9, 2019 (Beijing Time)

    Online Registration


    IWeb Conference

    ·         Open platform for spatial data sharing with WorldMap, Wendy Guan, Harvard University

    ·         Open platform for data management with DataVerse, Gustavo Durand and Danny Brooke, Harvard University

    ·         Spatial data analysis with GeoDa and GeoDaSpace, Xun Li, University of Chicago

    ·         Drive data and AI with workflow tools, Alex Liu, RMDS/IBM

    ·         Integrate, Automate, Innovate Self-Service Analytics, Sandeep Saini, Grazitti

    Note: The web conference in the morning will be open for public. Please click here for the online registration. After registering, you will receive an email notice containing information about joining the webinar.


    IISpatial Data

    ·         Global land use with remote sensed data, Jie Wang, Tshinghua University

    ·         Remote sensed data from Luojia Satellite, TBD, Wuhan University

    ·         Spatial data mining and visualization, Ella Li, Wayhe Tech

    ·         Spatial data integration and intelligent analysis, Jingyu Qiu, Wayz Tech

    10:45am-11:00am: Break



    IIIWorkflow Based Tools 

    ·         Workflow data analysis with ArcGIS

    ·         Workflow data analysis with Alteryx

    ·         Workflow data analysis with Jupyter

    ·         Workflow data analysis with R AnalyticFlow


    IVPlatform for Research and Teaching

    ·         China Geo-explorer (http://chinageoexplorer.com )

    ·         The cloud based platform for data research and teachinghttp://chinadatalab.net


    VWorkflow Based Data Case Studies

    ·         Spatial factor analysis of road network based on the traffic accidents

    ·         Changes in human induced turbidity in Poyang Lake based om remote sensed data

    ·         Air quality analysis with social media data

    ·         Space-time analysis of high education in China

    ·         Spatial panel data analysis in regional development

    2:45pm-3:00pm Break


    VIPractice of Data Case Studies in Research and Teaching

    ·         Practice of data case studies in teaching

    ·         Spatially integrated historical photographs of China: Sidney Gamble digital collection at Duke University, Luo Zhou, Duke University Library

    ·         Practice of data case studies on site


    Discussions: Collaboration on Spatial Data Research and Teaching


    Yuanzhen Shao: yshao@whu.edu.cn


    Contact: office@chinadatacenter.net
  Email: office@chinadatacenter.net