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  • The Development of Python-based KNIME Extension and KNIME WebPortal
     Spatiotemporal Innovation Workshop

    The Development of Python-based KNIME Extension and KNIME WebPortal for Geospatial Analysis and Simulation Online

    9:00 PM -10:00 PM, Jan 13, 2023  (US Eastern Time)

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    Sponsored by the Spatial Data Lab (SDL)*, this training webinar will cover the following topics: (1) How to develop python-based extensions for KNIME; (2) How to convert a desktop based KNIME workflow to KNIME WebPortal for online geospatial analysis and simulation; (3) Applications of Geospatial extension for KNIME and online geospatial analysis and simulation with KNIME Webportal; and (4) How to collaborate with the SDL team on geospatial development and applications.

    KNIME is a workflow based open-source tool for replicable data analysis. With the recently released Geospatial extension for KNIME, it offers an integrated approach for spatiotemporal research, teaching, and applications. This webinar is free to the public. For those who registered but cannot attend the live webinar, we’ll send you the webinar recording after the event. Please contact spatialdatalab@lists.fas.harvard.edu  if there are any questions.

    Online registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/505780341617

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    Contact: spatialdatalab@lists.fas.harvard.edu
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