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  • China Data Webinar: Spatial Database Design and Analysis Based on Ecological Approaches
    The new science of complex systems provides new ways of understanding the physical, biological, ecological, and social universe. The ecological model provides a theoretical framework for investigating the inter and intra linkages of a hierarchical system. The spatial technology provides a unique platform for integrating the multiscale data with a spatiotemporal data structure. This talk discussed the design and applications of spatial database based on ecological approaches, including the principles for building a hierarchical database with a comparable data structure of time and space, the functions for identifying the spatial patterns and structures as well as their changes, the methodologies for examining the inter and intra-sectional linkages or inter- and intra-regional linkages (or ecological chains) of a socioeconomic system, and the application of the online spatial system (China Geo-Explorer) for some case studies. The future directions for the spatial study of ecological systems wee also discussed.
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