• Topic Webinar: Effective Data Management and Spatial Analytics 
    Organizer Spatial Data Lab 
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    Date 2021-06-22 
    Time 1:00pm - 3:00pm 
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    Spatial Data Lab Webinar
    Effective Data Management and Spatial Analytics

    1:00PM – 3:00PM, Tuesday June 22, 2021 (US Eastern Time)




    ·       An Introduction to the Spatial Data Lab project and the new cloud platform for data sharing and analysis at Harvard

    Wendy Guan, Harvard University and Shuming Bao, China Data Institute

    ·       Research data management and sharing with Harvard DataVerse

    Sonia Barbosa, Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Sciences

    ·       New features and direction of Knime, a free and efficient tool for data analysis

    Stefan Helfrich, Knime

    ·       Spatial data analysis and visualization with ArcGIS: new features and directions

    Jian Lange, ESRI

    ·       Replicable, reproducible and expandable case studies with workflow based data analysis

    Tao Hu and Huanchen Yu, Harvard University; and Vincent Chen, RMDS Lab


    Abstract: This webinar will introduce the implementations of effective data management and spatial analytics by academic and industry leaders of the field, and discuss the directions for further enhancement through integration with a cloud-based platform for research data sharing and workflow-based data analytics. This event is free to the public.


    About SDL: The Spatial Data Lab (http://spatialdatalab.org) project aims to promote the development and implementation of a new generation of methodologies and technologies for spatial data analysis, spatial data sharing, and applied research in fields such as population, business, environment, and health. The main components of the SDL include: (1) spatial data services; (2) spatial data analysis platform and tools; (3) case studies based on workflow data analysis for replicable, reproducible and expandable research; and (4) spatial data science training. It is co-sponsored by a few organizations including Michigan-based China Data Institute, Future Data Lab (non-profit organization), and the IUCRC Spatiotemporal Innovation Center where Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis is a research site.

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