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  • The 2008 Economic Census Data with GIS Maps
    Order ID:  CDC-A-2016-002
    Publisher:  ACMR
    Publication Date:  2/1/2016 12:00:00 AM
    Format:  GIS Shape file and Excel File
    Languages:  English and Chinese
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    The 2008 Economic Census data provide extensive information on all business units in mainland China, including major products and services, ownership, employment and revenue of all enterprises and units in China. This GIS based data product has integrated the 2008 Economic Census data and the GIS maps at province, prefecture, county and ZIP code levels of all Mainland China.
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    Variable Description in English Description in Chinese
    ZIP2008 ZIP in 2008 2008年的邮编
    TotalUnits Total Industrial Units 企业总数
    OW_110 State-Own 国有企业
    OW_120 Collective-Own 集体企业
    OW_130 Share Holding 股份合作企业
    OW_141 State-Own Joint 国有联营企业
    OW_142 Collective-Own Joint 集体联营企业
    OW_143 State and Collective-Own Joint 国有集体联营企业
    OW_149 Other Joint 其他联营企业
    OW_150 Limited Liability Company 有限责任公司
    OW_151 State-own only 国有独资公司
    OW_159 Other Limited 其他有限责任公司
    OW_160 Share Holding Limited 股份有限公司
    OW_171 Private 私营独资企业
    OW_172 Private Partners 私营合伙企业
    OW_173 Private Limited 私营有限责任公司
    OW_174 Private Share Holding 私营股份有限公司
    OW_190 Other Domestic Funded 其他内资企业
    OW_210 Joint Venture (Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan) 合资经营企业(港澳台)
    OW_220 Joint Operation  (Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan) 合作经营企业(港澳台)
    OW_230 Foreign Owned by Hongkong, Macao, or Taiwan 港澳台商独资企业
    OW_240 Share Holding Limited  (Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan) 港澳台商投资股份公司
    OW_310 Joint Venture 中外合资经营企业
    OW_320 Joint Operation 中外合作经营企业
    OW_330 Foreign Owned  Only 外资(独资)企业
    OW_340 FDI Share Holding Limited 外商投资股份有限公司
    IN_0111 The cultivation of cereal 谷物的种植
    IN_0113 The cultivation of Oil Crops 油料的种植
    IN_0114 The cultivation of Bean 豆类的种植
    IN_0115 The cultivation of Cotton 棉花的种植
    IN_0116 The cultivation of Fiber Crops 麻类的种植
    IN_0117 The cultivation of Sugar Crops 糖料的种植
    IN_0119 The cultivation of Other Crops 其他作物的种植
    IN_0121 The cultivation of vegetables 蔬菜的种植
    IN_0122 Flowers cultivation 花卉的种植
    IN_0123 Other Gardening Crops cultivation 其他园艺作物的种植
    IN_0131 Fruits and nuts cultivation 水果、坚果的种植
    IN_0132 Tea and other drink crops 茶及其他饮料作物的种植
    IN_0133 spice crops 香料作物的种植
    IN_0140 Chinese Medicinal Materials 中药材的种植
    IN_0211 Breeding and seeding 育种和育苗
    IN_0212 Afforestation 造林
    IN_0213 Forest cultivation and management 林木的抚育和管理
    IN_0221 Wood logging and Transportation 木材的采运
    IN_0230 Gathering of Forest Products 林产品的采集
    IN_0310 Livestock raising 牲畜的饲养
    IN_0320 Hog raising 猪的饲养
    IN_0330 Poultry raising 家禽的饲养
    IN_0340 Hunting and animal capturing 狩猎和捕捉动物
    IN_0390 Others livestock 其他畜牧业
    IN_0411 Mariculture 海水养殖
    IN_0412 Ocean fishing 海洋捕捞
    IN_0421 Inland aquaculture 内陆养殖
    IN_0422 Inland fishing 内陆捕捞
    IN_0511 Irrigation service 灌溉服务
    IN_0512 Farm Products Original Processing Services 农产品初加工服务
    IN_0519 Other agricultural services 其他农业服务
    IN_0520 Forestry service 林业服务业
    IN_0531 Veterinary services 兽医服务
    IN_0539 Other livestock services 其他畜牧服务
    IN_0540 Fisheries services 渔业服务业
    IN_0610 Soft-coal and Hard-coal Mining & Dressing 烟煤和无烟煤的开采洗选
    IN_0620 Lignite Mining & Dressing 褐煤的开采洗选
    IN_0690 Other Coal Mining & Dressing 其他煤炭采选
    IN_0710 Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction 天然原油和天然气开采
    IN_0790 Related Service on Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction 与石油和天然气开采有关的服务活动
    IN_0810 Iron Ores Mining & Dressing 铁矿采选
    IN_0890 Other Black Metal Mining & Dressing 其他黑色金属矿采选
    IN_0911 Copper Ores Mining & Dressing 铜矿采选
    IN_0912 Lead and Zinc Ores Mining & Dressing 铅锌矿采选
    IN_0913 Nickel and Cobalt Ore Mining & Dressing 镍钴矿采选
    IN_0914 Tin Ores Mining & Dressing 锡矿采选
    IN_0915 Antimony Mining & Dressing 锑矿采选
    IN_0916 Aluminum Ores Mining & Dressing 铝矿采选
    IN_0917 Magnesium Ores Mining & Dressing 镁矿采选
    IN_0919 Mining & Dressing of Other Common-used Non-ferrous Metals 其他常用有色金属矿采选
    IN_1011 Limestone and Plaster Quarrying 石灰石、石膏开采
    IN_1012 Constructing Stone Quarrying 建筑装饰用石开采
    IN_1013 Refractory Clay and Stone Mining 耐火土石开采
    IN_1019 Clay soil and other gravel mining 粘土及其他土砂石开采
    IN_1020 Mining & Dressing of Chemical Materials Ores 化学矿采选
    IN_1030 Salt mining 采盐
    IN_1091 Asbestos and Mica Mining 石棉、云母矿采选
    IN_1092 Graphite and Talcum Mining & Dressing 石墨、滑石采选
    IN_1093 Precious Stone Quarrying 宝石、玉石开采
    IN_1099 Other Non-metal Ores Mining & Dressing 其他非金属矿采选
    IN_1100 Other mining industry 其他采矿业
    IN_1310 Corn Milling 谷物磨制
    IN_1320 Feed processing 饲料加工
    IN_1331 Edible vegetable oil processing 食用植物油加工
    IN_1332 Non-edible vegetable oil processing 非食用植物油加工
    IN_1340 Sugar Processing 制糖
    IN_1351 Livestock and poultry slaughter 畜禽屠宰
    IN_1352 Meat products and by-product processing 肉制品及副产品加工
    IN_1361 Frozen aquatic products processing 水产品冷冻加工
    IN_1362 Fish Meat Products and Dry & Preserved Aquatic Products Processing 鱼糜制品及水产品干腌制加工
    IN_1363 Aquatic feed manufacturing 水产饲料制造
    IN_1364 Fish oil extraction and manufacturing products 鱼油提取及制品的制造
    IN_1369 Other aquatic product processing 其他水产品加工
    IN_1370 Vegetables, fruit and nut processing 蔬菜、水果和坚果加工
    IN_1391 Starch and starch products manufacturing 淀粉及淀粉制品的制造
    IN_1392 Soybean production 豆制品制造
    IN_1393 Egg processing 蛋品加工
    IN_1399 Other Unlisted Agricultural and Sideline Foods Processing 其他未列明的农副食品加工
    IN_1411 Manufacture of Pastry and Bread 糕点、面包制造
    IN_1419 Manufacture of Biscuit and Other Baked Foods 饼干及其他焙烤食品制造
    IN_1421 Manufacture of Candy and Chocolate 糖果、巧克力制造
    IN_1422 Manufacture of Preserved Fruits 蜜饯制作
    IN_1431 Manufacture of Rice and Flour Products 米、面制品制造
    IN_1432 Manufacture of Quick Frozen Foods 速冻食品制造
    IN_1439 Manufacture of Instant Noodle and Other Convenient Foods 方便面及其他方便食品制造
    IN_1440 Manufacture of Liquid Milk and Dairy Products 液体乳及乳制品制造
    IN_1451 Manufacture of Canned Meat and Poultry 肉、禽类罐头制造
    IN_1452 Manufacture of Canned Seafood 水产品罐头制造
    IN_1453 Manufacture of Canned Vegetable and Fruits 蔬菜、水果罐头制造
    IN_1459 Manufacture of Other Canned Foods 其他罐头食品制造
    IN_1461 Manufacture of Monosodium Glutamate 味精制造
    IN_1462 Manufacture of Soy, Edible Vinegar and Similar Products 酱油、食醋及类似制品的制造
    IN_1469 Manufacture of Other Condiments and Fermented Products 其他调味品、发酵制品制造
    IN_1491 Manufacture of Nutritious and Health Care Foods 营养、保健食品制造
    IN_1492 Manufacture of Frozen Beverages and Edible Ice 冷冻饮品及食用冰制造
    IN_1493 Manufacture of Salt 盐加工
    IN_1494 Manufacture of Foods and Feedstuff Additives 食品及饲料添加剂制造
    IN_1499 Manufacture of Other Unlisted Foods 其他未列明的食品制造
    IN_1510 Manufacture of Alcohol 酒精制造
    IN_1521 Manufacture of Liquor 白酒制造
    IN_1522 Manufacture of Beer 啤酒制造
    IN_1523 Manufacture of Shaoxing Wine 黄酒制造
    IN_1524 Manufacture of Grape Wine 葡萄酒制造
    IN_1529 Manufacture of Fruit Wine 其他酒制造
    IN_1531 Manufacture of Beverage with Carbonic Acid 碳酸饮料制造
    IN_1532 Manufacture of Bottled (Canned) Drinking Water 瓶(罐)装饮用水制造
    IN_1533 Manufacture of Fruit & Vegetable Juice and Beverage 果菜汁及果菜汁饮料制造
    IN_1534 Manufacture of Beverage with Milk or Plant Protein 含乳饮料和植物蛋白饮料制造
    IN_1535 Manufacture of Solid Beverage 固体饮料制造
    IN_1539 Manufacture of Tea and Other Soft Beverages 茶饮料及其他软饮料制造
    IN_1540 Tea Refining 精制茶加工
    IN_1610 Tobacco Roast 烟叶复烤
    IN_1620 Cigarette manufacturing 卷烟制造
    IN_1690 Other tobacco products processing 其他烟草制品加工
    IN_1711 Cotton and chemical fiber textile processing 棉、化纤纺织加工
    IN_1712 Printing and Dyeing of Cotton & Chemical Fibers 棉、化纤印染精加工
    IN_1721 Wool Tops Processing 毛条加工
    IN_1722 Wool Textile 毛纺织
    IN_1723 Printing, Dyeing & Refining of Wool 毛染整精加工
    IN_1730 Hemp Spins 麻纺织
    IN_1741 Silk Reeling Processing 缫丝加工
    IN_1742 Silk Spinning and silk processing 绢纺和丝织加工
    IN_1743 Printing, Dyeing and Refining of Silk 丝印染精加工
    IN_1751 Cotton and chemical fiber products manufacturing 棉及化纤制品制造
    IN_1752 Woolen Products manufacturing 毛制品制造
    IN_1753 Hemp products manufacturing 麻制品制造
    IN_1754 Silk products manufacturing 丝制品制造
    IN_1755 Fishing Rope, Tug and Cable 绳、索、缆的制造
    IN_1756 Woven Belt and Curtain Cloth 纺织带和帘子布制造
    IN_1757 Nonwoven manufacturing 无纺布制造
    IN_1759 Other textile made-ups manufacturing 其他纺织制成品制造
    IN_1761 Knitted & Crocheted Products of Cotton and Chemical Fibers 棉、化纤针织品及编织品制造
    IN_1762 Knitted & Crocheted Products of Wool 毛针织品及编织品制造
    IN_1763 Knitted & Crocheted Products of Silk 丝针织品及编织品制造
    IN_1769 Other knitwear and woven goods 其他针织品及编织品制造
    IN_1810 Textile and apparel manufacturing 纺织服装制造
    IN_1820 Textile fabrics manufacturing shoes 纺织面料鞋的制造
    IN_1830 Manufacture of Hat 制帽
    IN_1910 Leather tanning process 皮革鞣制加工
    IN_1921 Manufacture of Leather Shoes 皮鞋制造
    IN_1922 Leather clothing manufacturing 皮革服装制造
    IN_1923 Cartons, packages (bags) manufacturing 皮箱、包(袋)制造
    IN_1924 Leather gloves and skin decoration products manufacturing 皮手套及皮装饰制品制造
    IN_1929 Other leather products manufacturing 其他皮革制品制造
    IN_1931 Tanning fur processing 毛皮鞣制加工
    IN_1932 Fur garment processing 毛皮服装加工
    IN_1939 Other fur products processing 其他毛皮制品加工
    IN_1941 Feather (Cashmere) processing 羽毛(绒)加工
    IN_1942 Feather (Cashmere) product 羽毛(绒)制品加工
    IN_2011 Timber processing 锯材加工
    IN_2012 Wood processing 木片加工
    IN_2021 Plywood manufacturing 胶合板制造
    IN_2022 Fiberboard manufacturing 纤维板制造
    IN_2023 Particleboard manufacturing 刨花板制造
    IN_2029 Other man-made board, wood manufacturing 其他人造板、材制造
    IN_2031 Construction of wood and wood processing components 建筑用木料及木材组件加工
    IN_2032 Wooden container manufacturing 木容器制造
    IN_2039 Cork products and other wood products manufacturing 软木制品及其他木制品制造
    IN_2040 Bamboo, rattan, brown, grass products manufacturing 竹、藤、棕、草制品制造
    IN_2110 Wood furniture manufacturing 木质家具制造
    IN_2120 Bamboo, rattan furniture manufacturing 竹、藤家具制造
    IN_2130 Metal furniture manufacturing 金属家具制造
    IN_2140 Plastic furniture manufacturing 塑料家具制造
    IN_2190 Other furniture manufacturing 其他家具制造
    IN_2210 Pulp manufacturing 纸浆制造
    IN_2221 Mechanism for paper and paperboard production 机制纸及纸板制造
    IN_2222 Handmade paper manufacturing 手工纸制造
    IN_2223 Paper manufacturing 加工纸制造
    IN_2231 Paper and cardboard packaging manufacturing 纸和纸板容器的制造
    IN_2239 Other paper products manufacturing 其他纸制品制造
    IN_2311 Printing of Books, Newspaper and Magazines 书、报、刊印刷
    IN_2312 The list published 本册印制
    IN_2319 Printing of Packaging and Upholstering 包装装潢及其他印刷
    IN_2320 Binding and other printing services 装订及其他印刷服务活动
    IN_2330 Reproduction of Recording Media 记录媒介的复制
    IN_2411 Stationery manufacturing 文具制造
    IN_2412 Pen manufacturing 笔的制造
    IN_2413 Manufacture of Teaching Samples and Models 教学用模型及教具制造
    IN_2414 Manufacture of Ink and Chinese Ink 墨水、墨汁制造
    IN_2419 Manufacture of Other Culture Stationary 其他文化用品制造
    IN_2421 Ball manufacturing 球类制造
    IN_2422 Sports equipment and accessories manufacturing 体育器材及配件制造
    IN_2423 Training fitness equipment manufacturing 训练健身器材制造
    IN_2424 Sports equipment manufacturing 运动防护用具制造
    IN_2429 Other sporting goods manufacturing 其他体育用品制造
    IN_2431 Chinese Musical Instruments manufacturing 中乐器制造
    IN_2432 Western Musical Instruments manufacturing 西乐器制造
    IN_2433 Manufacturing of electronic musical instruments 电子乐器制造
    IN_2439 Other instruments and parts manufacturing 其他乐器及零件制造
    IN_2440 Toy manufacturing 玩具制造
    IN_2451 Manufacture of Equipments for Open Amusement Park 露天游乐场所游乐设备制造
    IN_2452 Manufacture of Game Articles and Indoor-Game Apparatus 游艺用品及室内游艺器材制造
    IN_2511 Processing crude oil and petroleum products manufacturing 原油加工及石油制品制造
    IN_2512 Synthetic crude oil production 人造原油生产
    IN_2520 Coking 炼焦
    IN_2611 Inorganic acid manufacturing 无机酸制造
    IN_2612 Inorganic Alkali manufacturing 无机碱制造
    IN_2613 Inorganic salt manufacturing 无机盐制造
    IN_2614 Organic chemical raw materials manufacturing 有机化学原料制造
    IN_2619 Other basic chemical raw materials manufacturing 其他基础化学原料制造
    IN_2621 Nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing 氮肥制造
    IN_2622 Phosphate fertilizer manufacturing 磷肥制造
    IN_2623 Potash fertilizer production 钾肥制造
    IN_2624 Compound fertilizer manufacturing 复混肥料制造
    IN_2625 Organic fertilizers and microbial fertilizer manufacturing 有机肥料及微生物肥料制造
    IN_2629 Other fertilizer manufacturing 其他肥料制造
    IN_2631 Chemical pesticide manufacturing 化学农药制造
    IN_2632 Biochemical pesticides and microbial pesticide manufacturing 生物化学农药及微生物农药制造
    IN_2641 Paint manufacturing 涂料制造
    IN_2642 Ink and similar products manufacturing 油墨及类似产品制造
    IN_2643 Paint manufacturing 颜料制造
    IN_2644 Dyestuff manufacturing 染料制造
    IN_2645 Sealed with packing and similar goods manufacturing 密封用填料及类似品制造
    IN_2651 Primary forms of plastics and synthetic resin manufacturing 初级形态的塑料及合成树脂制造
    IN_2652 Manufacture of synthetic rubber 合成橡胶制造
    IN_2653 Synthetic Fibers-(polymer) of manufacturing 合成纤维单(聚合)体的制造
    IN_2659 Other synthetic materials 其他合成材料制造
    IN_2661 Chemical reagents and additives manufacturing 化学试剂和助剂制造
    IN_2662 Special chemicals manufacturing 专项化学用品制造
    IN_2663 Forest chemical products manufacturing 林产化学产品制造
    IN_2665 Information chemical manufacturing 信息化学品制造
    IN_2666 Environmental pollution treatment for pharmaceutical materials 环境污染处理专用药剂材料制造
    IN_2667 Animal Mucus manufacturing 动物胶制造
    IN_2669 Other special chemical products manufacturing 其他专用化学产品制造
    IN_2671 Soap and synthetic detergent manufacturing 肥皂及合成洗涤剂制造
    IN_2672 Cosmetics manufacturing 化妆品制造
    IN_2673 Mouth cleaning supplies manufacturing 口腔清洁用品制造
    IN_2674 Spices, fragrance manufacturing 香料、香精制造
    IN_2679 Other Daily-used Chemical Products 其他日用化学产品制造
    IN_2710 The original drug manufacturing chemicals 化学药品原药制造
    IN_2720 Chemical agent production 化学药品制剂制造
    IN_2730 Pieces of Traditional Chinese medicine processing 中药饮片加工
    IN_2740 Traditional Chinese Prepared Medicines 中成药制造
    IN_2750 Veterinary medicine manufacturing 兽用药品制造
    IN_2760 Biological, chemical and biological products manufacturing 生物、生化制品的制造
    IN_2770 Sanitation Materials and Medical Articles 卫生材料及医药用品制造
    IN_2811 Fiber pulp manufacturing 化纤浆粕制造
    IN_2812 Man-made fibers (cellulose fiber) Manufacturing 人造纤维(纤维素纤维)制造
    IN_2821 Nylon fiber manufacturing 锦纶纤维制造
    IN_2822 Polyester fiber production 涤纶纤维制造
    IN_2823 Acrylic fiber manufacturing 腈纶纤维制造
    IN_2824 Vinylon fiber manufacturing 维纶纤维制造
    IN_2829 Other synthetic fiber manufacturing 其他合成纤维制造
    IN_2911 Vehicles, aircraft and OTR tire manufacturing 车辆、飞机及工程机械轮胎制造
    IN_2912 Tire for Powered Vehicle 力车胎制造
    IN_2913 Tire processing renovation 轮胎翻新加工
    IN_2920 Rubber Board, Pipeline and Belt 橡胶板、管、带的制造
    IN_2930 Rubber parts manufacturing 橡胶零件制造
    IN_2940 renewable Rubber production 再生橡胶制造
    IN_2950 Daily and medical rubber products manufacturing 日用及医用橡胶制品制造
    IN_2960 Manufacture of rubber boot 橡胶靴鞋制造
    IN_2990 Other rubber products manufacturing 其他橡胶制品制造
    IN_3010 Plastic film manufacturing 塑料薄膜制造
    IN_3020 Plastic plates, tubes, profiles of manufacturing 塑料板、管、型材的制造
    IN_3030 Plastic wire, rope and knit manufacturing 塑料丝、绳及编织品的制造
    IN_3040 Foam Plastics manufacturing 泡沫塑料制造
    IN_3050 Plastic Man-made leather, synthetic leather manufacturing 塑料人造革、合成革制造
    IN_3060 Plastic crates and containers manufacturing 塑料包装箱及容器制造
    IN_3070 Plastic parts manufacturing 塑料零件制造
    IN_3081 Manufacture of plastic shoes 塑料鞋制造
    IN_3082 Other Daily-used Plastic Products 日用塑料杂品制造
    IN_3090 Other plastic products manufacturing 其他塑料制品制造
    IN_3111 Cement manufacturing 水泥制造
    IN_3112 Lime and gypsum manufacturing 石灰和石膏制造
    IN_3121 Cement Manufacturing 水泥制品制造
    IN_3122 Component manufacturing concrete structure 砼结构构件制造
    IN_3123 Asbestos-cement products manufacturing 石棉水泥制品制造
    IN_3124 Light manufacturing building materials 轻质建筑材料制造
    IN_3129 Other cement products manufacturing 其他水泥制品制造
    IN_3131 Clay brick and tile building block manufacturing 粘土砖瓦及建筑砌块制造
    IN_3132 Building Ceramic products manufacturing 建筑陶瓷制品制造
    IN_3133 Building stone processing 建筑用石加工
    IN_3134 Waterproof materials manufacturing 防水建筑材料制造
    IN_3135 Heat-insulating and Soundproof Materials 隔热和隔音材料制造
    IN_3139 Other building materials manufacturing 其他建筑材料制造
    IN_3141 Flat Glass Manufacturing 平板玻璃制造
    IN_3142 Technical glass products 技术玻璃制品制造
    IN_3143 Optical glass manufacturing 光学玻璃制造
    IN_3144 Glass manufacturing equipment 玻璃仪器制造
    IN_3145 Daily glass packaging products and glass containers manufacturing 日用玻璃制品及玻璃包装容器制造
    IN_3146 Glass Insulation container manufacturing 玻璃保温容器制造
    IN_3147 Glass fiber products and manufacturing 玻璃纤维及制品制造
    IN_3148 Glass fiber reinforced plastic products manufacturing 玻璃纤维增强塑料制品制造
    IN_3149 Other glass products 其他玻璃制品制造
    IN_3151 Sanitary ceramics products manufacturing 卫生陶瓷制品制造
    IN_3152 Special ceramic products manufacturing 特种陶瓷制品制造
    IN_3153 Daily ceramic products manufacturing 日用陶瓷制品制造
    IN_3159 Gardens, art and other furnishings of ceramic products 园林、陈设艺术及其他陶瓷制品制
    IN_3161 Manufacture of asbestos products 石棉制品制造
    IN_3162 Mica products manufacturing 云母制品制造
    IN_3169 Fire-resistant ceramic refractory products and other manufacturing 耐火陶瓷制品及其他耐火材料制造
    IN_3191 Graphite and carbon products manufacturing 石墨及碳素制品制造
    IN_3199 Other non-metallic mineral products manufacturing 其他非金属矿物制品制造
    IN_3210 Iron making 炼铁
    IN_3220 Steelmaking 炼钢
    IN_3230 Rolling steel processing 钢压延加工
    IN_3240 Ferroalloy smelting 铁合金冶炼
    IN_3311 Copper Smelting 铜冶炼
    IN_3312 Lead and Zinc Smelting 铅锌冶炼
    IN_3313 Nickel and cobalt smelting 镍钴冶炼
    IN_3314 Tin smelting 锡冶炼
    IN_3315 Antimony smelting 锑冶炼
    IN_3316 Aluminum smelting 铝冶炼
    IN_3317 Magnesium smelting 镁冶炼
    IN_3319 Other common non-ferrous metal smelting 其他常用有色金属冶炼
    IN_3340 Non-ferrous metal alloy manufacturing 有色金属合金制造
    IN_3351 Common non-ferrous metal Rolling Processing Industry 常用有色金属压延加工
    IN_3411 Manufacture of metal structures 金属结构制造
    IN_3412 Manufacture of metal doors and windows 金属门窗制造
    IN_3421 Cutting tool manufacturing 切削工具制造
    IN_3422 Hand tools manufacturing 手工具制造
    IN_3423 Farm and garden tools metal manufacturing 农用及园林用金属工具制造
    IN_3424 Manufacture of knife, scissor and similar metal tools 刀剪及类似日用金属工具制造
    IN_3429 Other metal tools manufacturing 其他金属工具制造
    IN_3431 Container manufacturing 集装箱制造
    IN_3432 Metal manufacturing pressure vessels 金属压力容器制造
    IN_3433 Manufacture of metal packaging containers 金属包装容器制造
    IN_3440 Metal Thread, Rope and Their Products 金属丝绳及其制品的制造
    IN_3451 Construction, metal parts for furniture manufacturing 建筑、家具用金属配件制造
    IN_3452 Building Decoration and plumbing pipes parts manufacturing 建筑装饰及水暖管道零件制造
    IN_3453 Safety, fire metal products manufacturing 安全、消防用金属制品制造
    IN_3459 Other Metal Products for Construction and Safety 其他建筑、安全用金属制品制造
    IN_3460 Metal surface treatment and heat treatment processing 金属表面处理及热处理加工
    IN_3471 Industry-used Porcelain Enamel Products 工业生产配套用搪瓷制品制造
    IN_3472 Porcelain Enamel Cleaning Articles 搪瓷卫生洁具制造
    IN_3479 Enamel daily necessities and other ceramic products manufacturing 搪瓷日用品及其他搪瓷制品制造
    IN_3481 Metal Utensils for Cooking Confecting and Cleaning 金属制厨房调理及卫生器具制造
    IN_3482 Metal kitchen utensils and cutlery manufacturing use 金属制厨用器皿及餐具制造
    IN_3489 Other daily metal products manufacturing 其他日用金属制品制造
    IN_3491 Mint and precious metals manufacturing system laboratory supplies 铸币及贵金属制实验室用品制造
    IN_3499 Other non-specified in the fabricated metal products manufacturing 其他未列明的金属制品制造
    IN_3511 Boilers and auxiliary equipment manufacturing 锅炉及辅助设备制造
    IN_3512 Internal combustion engine and accessories manufacturing 内燃机及配件制造
    IN_3513 Gas Turbine and Auxiliary Equipment 汽轮机及辅机制造
    IN_3514 Gas Turbine and Auxiliary Equipment 水轮机及辅机制造
    IN_3519 Other original motive manufacturing 其他原动机制造
    IN_3521 Metal-cutting machine tools manufacturing 金属切削机床制造
    IN_3522 Metal forming machine tools manufacturing 金属成形机床制造
    IN_3523 Casting machinery manufacturing 铸造机械制造
    IN_3524 Metal cutting and welding equipment manufacturing 金属切割及焊接设备制造
    IN_3525 Annex machine manufacturing 机床附件制造
    IN_3529 Other metal processing machinery manufacturing 其他金属加工机械制造
    IN_3530 Hoisting & Carrying Equipment manufacturing 起重运输设备制造
    IN_3541 Pump and Vacuum Equipment manufacturing 泵及真空设备制造
    IN_3542 Gas compression machinery manufacturing 气体压缩机械制造
    IN_3543 The manufacture of valves and Floating Plug 阀门和旋塞的制造
    IN_3544 Hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery and components manufacturing 液压和气压动力机械及元件制造
    IN_3551 Bearing Manufacturing 轴承制造
    IN_3552 Gear, transmission and drive components manufacturing 齿轮、传动和驱动部件制造
    IN_3560 Ovens, furnaces and electric furnace production 烘炉、熔炉及电炉制造
    IN_3571 Fan, fan manufacturing 风机、风扇制造
    IN_3572 Gas, liquid separation, and clean equipment manufacturing 气体、液体分离及纯净设备制造
    IN_3573 Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment manufacturing 制冷、空调设备制造
    IN_3574 Pneumatic and electric tools manufacturing 风动和电动工具制造
    IN_3575 Lance and similar equipment manufacturing 喷枪及类似器具制造
    IN_3576 Special packaging equipment manufacturing 包装专用设备制造
    IN_3577 Weighing manufacturing 衡器制造
    IN_3579 Other common equipment manufacturing 其他通用设备制造
    IN_3581 Manufacturing of metal seals 金属密封件制造
    IN_3582 Fasteners and Spring Manufacturing 紧固件、弹簧制造
    IN_3583 Mechanical Parts Manufacture and Equipment Repair 机械零部件加工及设备修理
    IN_3589 Other common parts and components manufacturing 其他通用零部件制造
    IN_3591 Iron and steel castings manufacturing 钢铁铸件制造
    IN_3592 Forging and powder metallurgy products manufacturing 锻件及粉末冶金制品制造
    IN_3611 Mining and quarrying equipment manufacturing 采矿、采石设备制造
    IN_3612 equipment manufacturing For oil drilling 石油钻采专用设备制造
    IN_3613 Construction machinery manufacturing 建筑工程用机械制造
    IN_3614 machinery manufacturing for Construction materials production 建筑材料生产专用机械制造
    IN_3615 Metallurgical special equipment manufacturing 冶金专用设备制造
    IN_3621 Oil refineries and chemical production equipment for manufacturing 炼油、化工生产专用设备制造
    IN_3622 Rubber processing equipment for manufacturing 橡胶加工专用设备制造
    IN_3623 Plastics processing equipment for manufacturing 塑料加工专用设备制造
    IN_3624 Wood processing machinery manufacturing 木材加工机械制造
    IN_3625 Mould Manufacturing 模具制造
    IN_3629 Other non-metallic processing equipment for manufacturing 其他非金属加工专用设备制造
    IN_3631 Special equipment manufacturing for Food, beverage and tobacco industries 食品、饮料、烟草工业专用设备制
    IN_3632 Agricultural and sideline food processing equipment manufacturing 农副食品加工专用设备制造
    IN_3633 special equipment manufacturing for Feed production 饲料生产专用设备制造
    IN_3641 Pulp and paper manufacturing equipment 制浆和造纸专用设备制造
    IN_3642 Printing equipment manufacturing 印刷专用设备制造
    IN_3643 Special equipment manufacturing for Daily Chemical Articles Production 日用化工专用设备制造
    IN_3644 Special equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing 制药专用设备制造
    IN_3645 Lighting apparatus equipment manufacturing 照明器具生产专用设备制造
    IN_3646 Special equipment for Glass, ceramics and ceramic products 玻璃、陶瓷和搪瓷制品生产专用设
    IN_3649 Other daily necessities for production equipment manufacturing 其他日用品生产专用设备制造
    IN_3651 Textile special equipment manufacturing 纺织专用设备制造
    IN_3652 processing equipment for Leather, fur and articles 皮革、毛皮及其制品加工专用设备
    IN_3653 Sewing Machinery Manufacturing 缝纫机械制造
    IN_3659 Other garment processing equipment for manufacturing 其他服装加工专用设备制造
    IN_3661 Special equipment manufacturing for Electrical machinery 电工机械专用设备制造
    IN_3662 special equipment manufacturing for electronics industry 电子工业专用设备制造
    IN_3671 Tractor Manufacturing 拖拉机制造
    IN_3672 Mechanized agriculture and horticulture equipment manufacturing 机械化农业及园艺机具制造
    IN_3673 Wood-bamboo forest and harvesting machinery manufacturing 营林及木竹采伐机械制造
    IN_3674 Livestock machinery manufacturing 畜牧机械制造
    IN_3675 Fisheries machinery manufacturing 渔业机械制造
    IN_3676 Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries machinery parts manufacturing 农林牧渔机械配件制造
    IN_3679 Other agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery machinery and mechanical repair 其他农林牧渔业机械制造及机械修
    IN_3681 Medical diagnosis, care and treatment equipment manufacturing 医疗诊断、监护及治疗设备制造
    IN_3682 Dental equipment and apparatus used manufacturing 口腔科用设备及器具制造
    IN_3683 Laboratory and medical equipment and apparatus disinfection system 实验室及医用消毒设备和器具的制
    IN_3684 Medical, surgical and veterinary equipment manufacturing 医疗、外科及兽医用器械制造
    IN_3685 Treatment and Nursing mechanical equipment manufacturing 机械治疗及病房护理设备制造
    IN_3686 artificial organs and plantations (referred) to enter Devices 假肢、人工器官及植(介)入器械
    IN_3689 Other medical equipment and device manufacturing 其他医疗设备及器械制造
    IN_3691 Environmental Pollution Prevention Equipment 环境污染防治专用设备制造
    IN_3692 Geological Prospecting special equipment manufacturing 地质勘查专用设备制造
    IN_3693 Post special machinery and equipment manufacturing 邮政专用机械及器材制造
    IN_3694 special equipment manufacturing for Commercial, catering and services 商业、饮食、服务业专用设备制造
    IN_3695 Social public security installations and equipment manufacturing 社会公共安全设备及器材制造
    IN_3696 Traffic safety and control equipment manufacturing 交通安全及管制专用设备制造
    IN_3697 machinery manufacturing for Water resources 水资源专用机械制造
    IN_3699 Other special equipment manufacturing 其他专用设备制造
    IN_3711 Railway Engines and Groups of Conveying Vehicles 铁路机车车辆及动车组制造
    IN_3712 Rail Vehicles for Industrial Mining 工矿有轨专用车辆制造
    IN_3713 Railway rolling stock manufacturing accessories 铁路机车车辆配件制造
    IN_3714 Special railway installations and equipment, spare parts manufacturing 铁路专用设备及器材、配件制造
    IN_3719 Other railway equipment manufacturing and repair equipment 其他铁路设备制造及设备修理
    IN_3721 Motor vehicle manufacturing 汽车整车制造
    IN_3722 Modified car manufacturing 改装汽车制造
    IN_3723 Trolley Manufacturing 电车制造
    IN_3724 Auto Body and trailer manufacturing 汽车车身、挂车的制造
    IN_3725 Automobile parts and accessories manufacturing 汽车零部件及配件制造
    IN_3726 Vehicle Repair 汽车修理
    IN_3731 Motorcycle manufacturing 摩托车整车制造
    IN_3732 Motorcycle parts and accessories manufacturing 摩托车零部件及配件制造
    IN_3741 Pedal Bicycle and Handicapped Vehicles 脚踏自行车及残疾人座车制造
    IN_3742 Powered Bicycle 助动自行车制造
    IN_3751 Metal shipbuilding 金属船舶制造
    IN_3752 Non-metallic shipbuilding 非金属船舶制造
    IN_3753 Entertainment and sports ship construction and repair 娱乐船和运动船的建造和修理
    IN_3754 Marine ancillary equipment manufacturing 船用配套设备制造
    IN_3755 Ship repair and ship-breaking 船舶修理及拆船
    IN_3759 Buoy floating devices and other equipment manufacturing 航标器材及其他浮动装置的制造
    IN_3791 Diving and underwater salvage equipment manufacturing 潜水及水下救捞装备制造
    IN_3792 Traffic management signs and metal facilities manufacturing 交通管理用金属标志及设施制造
    IN_3799 Other transport equipment manufacturing 其他交通运输设备制造
    IN_3911 Generators and units manufacturing 发电机及发电机组制造
    IN_3912 Motor Manufacturing 电动机制造
    IN_3919 Micro-motor and other motor manufacturing 微电机及其他电机制造
    IN_3921 Transformers, rectifiers and inductors manufacturing 变压器、整流器和电感器制造
    IN_3922 Capacitors and supporting equipment manufacturing 电容器及其配套设备制造
    IN_3923 Distribution switch control equipment manufacturing 配电开关控制设备制造
    IN_3924 Power electronic components manufacturing 电力电子元器件制造
    IN_3929 Other transmission and distribution and control equipment manufacturing 其他输配电及控制设备制造
    IN_3931 Wire and cable manufacturing 电线电缆制造
    IN_3932 Optical fiber and optical cable manufacturing 光纤、光缆制造
    IN_3933 Insulation products manufacturing 绝缘制品制造
    IN_3939 Other electrical equipment manufacturing 其他电工器材制造
    IN_3940 Battery manufacturing 电池制造
    IN_3951 Household electrical appliances with refrigeration manufacturing 家用制冷电器具制造
    IN_3952 Home air-conditioning manufacturing 家用空气调节器制造
    IN_3953 Home Electric Ventilating Appliances 家用通风电器具制造
    IN_3954 Home Electric Kitchen Appliances 家用厨房电器具制造
    IN_3955 Home Electric Cleaning Appliances 家用清洁卫生电器具制造
    IN_3956 Home Electric Hairdressing and Health-care Devices 家用美容、保健电器具制造
    IN_3957 Household electrical apparatus for manufacturing accessories 家用电力器具专用配件制造
    IN_3959 Other household electrical apparatus manufacturing 其他家用电力器具制造
    IN_3961 Gas, solar energy equipment and similar system 燃气、太阳能及类似能源的器具制
    IN_3969 Other non-electrical household appliances manufacturing 其他非电力家用器具制造
    IN_3971 Electric light manufacturing 电光源制造
    IN_3972 Lighting manufacturing 照明灯具制造
    IN_3979 Lamp lighting and other electrical equipment annex manufacturing 灯用电器附件及其他照明器具制造
    IN_3991 traffic Special lighting and signal electrical installations 车辆专用照明及电气信号设备装置
    IN_3999 Other non-specified in the electrical machinery manufacturing 其他未列明的电气机械制造
    IN_4011 Communications transmission equipment manufacturing 通信传输设备制造
    IN_4012 Communication Exchange Equipment manufacturing 通信交换设备制造
    IN_4013 Communications terminal equipment manufacturing 通信终端设备制造
    IN_4014 Mobile communications and terminal equipment manufacturing 移动通信及终端设备制造
    IN_4019 Other communications equipment manufacturing 其他通信设备制造
    IN_4031 Radio and television programme production and Transmission equipment manufacturing 广播电视节目制作及发射设备制造
    IN_4032 Radio and television receiving equipment manufacturing 广播电视接收设备及器材制造
    IN_4039 Application of television broadcasting equipment and other equipment 应用电视设备及其他广播电视设备
    IN_4041 Integrated Computer manufacturing 电子计算机整机制造
    IN_4042 Computer network equipment manufacturing 计算机网络设备制造
    IN_4043 Computer peripheral equipment manufacturing 电子计算机外部设备制造
    IN_4051 Electronic vacuum device manufacturing 电子真空器件制造
    IN_4052 Semiconductor manufacturing discrete devices 半导体分立器件制造
    IN_4053 Integrated Circuit manufacturing 集成电路制造
    IN_4059 Optoelectronic devices and other electronic device manufacturing 光电子器件及其他电子器件制造
    IN_4061 Electronic components and parts manufacturing 电子元件及组件制造
    IN_4062 Printed circuit board manufacturing 印制电路板制造
    IN_4071 Home video equipment manufacturing 家用影视设备制造
    IN_4072 Home audio equipment manufacturing 家用音响设备制造
    IN_4090 Other electronic equipment manufacturing 其他电子设备制造
    IN_4111 Industrial Automation System device manufacturing 工业自动控制系统装置制造
    IN_4112 Electrical Instrument Manufacturing 电工仪器仪表制造
    IN_4113 Mapping, calculation and measurement equipment manufacturing 绘图、计算及测量仪器制造
    IN_4114 Experimental Analysis of equipment manufacturing 实验分析仪器制造
    IN_4115 Testing machine manufacturing 试验机制造
    IN_4119 Supply with General Instruments and other equipment manufacturing 供应用仪表及其他通用仪器制造
    IN_4121 Environmental Monitoring Instrumentation for manufacturing 环境监测专用仪器仪表制造
    IN_4122 Auto and Other Counting Meters instruments manufacturing 汽车及其他用计数仪表制造
    IN_4124 Special Instruments and Meters for Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries 农林牧渔专用仪器仪表制造
    IN_4125 Geological exploration and seismic equipment manufacturing 地质勘探和地震专用仪器制造
    IN_4126 Teaching special equipment manufacturing 教学专用仪器制造
    IN_4128 Electronic measuring equipment manufacturing 电子测量仪器制造
    IN_4129 Other special equipment manufacturing 其他专用仪器制造
    IN_4130 Watches and clocks and timing equipment manufacturing 钟表与计时仪器制造
    IN_4141 Optical equipment manufacturing 光学仪器制造
    IN_4142 Glasses Manufacturing 眼镜制造
    IN_4151 Film Machinery Manufacturing 电影机械制造
    IN_4152 Slide projector and equipment manufacturing 幻灯及投影设备制造
    IN_4153 Cameras and equipment manufacturing 照相机及器材制造
    IN_4154 Photocopying and offset equipment manufacturing 复印和胶印设备制造
    IN_4155 Calculator and money for equipment manufacturing 计算器及货币专用设备制造
    IN_4159 Other cultures and office machinery manufacturing 其他文化、办公用机械制造
    IN_4190 Other instrument manufacturing and repair 其他仪器仪表的制造及修理
    IN_4211 Sculpture handicrafts manufacturing 雕塑工艺品制造
    IN_4212 Metal Craftworks manufacturing 金属工艺品制造
    IN_4213 Lacquerware crafts manufacturing 漆器工艺品制造
    IN_4214 Flower painting handicrafts manufacturing 花画工艺品制造
    IN_4215 Natural plant fibers woven handicrafts manufacturing 天然植物纤维编织工艺品制造
    IN_4216 Artex embroidery handicraft manufacturing 抽纱刺绣工艺品制造
    IN_4217 Carpets and tapestries manufacturing 地毯、挂毯制造
    IN_4218 Jewelry and Related Articles 珠宝首饰及有关物品的制造
    IN_4219 Other Craftwork manufacturing 其他工艺美术品制造
    IN_4221 Mirror processing and similar goods 制镜及类似品加工
    IN_4222 Mane processing, Brushes and cleaning tools manufacturing 鬃毛加工、制刷及清扫工具的制造
    IN_4229 Other Daily Miscellaneous Articles 其他日用杂品制造
    IN_4230 Coal products manufacturing 煤制品制造
    IN_4290 Other non-specified manufacturing 其他未列明的制造业
    IN_4310 Metal Scraps and Dross Processing 金属废料和碎屑的加工处理
    IN_4320 Non-metallic Scraps and Oddment Processing 非金属废料和碎屑的加工处理
    IN_4411 Thermal power 火力发电
    IN_4412 Hydraulic Power 水力发电
    IN_4413 Nuclear Power 核力发电
    IN_4419 Other forms of energy generation 其他能源发电
    IN_4420 Power supply 电力供应
    IN_4430 Heat production and supply 热力生产和供应
    IN_4500 Gas production and supply 燃气生产和供应业
    IN_4610 Water production and supply 自来水的生产和供应
    IN_4620 Sewage treatment and recycling 污水处理及其再生利用
    IN_4690 Other water treatment, utilization and distribution 其他水的处理、利用与分配
    IN_4710 Housing construction 房屋工程建筑
    IN_4721 Railways, roads, tunnels and bridges construction 铁路、道路、隧道和桥梁工程建筑
    IN_4722 Water and port construction 水利和港口工程建筑
    IN_4723 Mining engineering construction 工矿工程建筑
    IN_4724 And pipe-line construction 架线和管道工程建筑
    IN_4729 Other civil engineering construction 其他土木工程建筑
    IN_4800 Construction and installation industry 建筑安装业
    IN_4900 Building Decoration Industry 建筑装饰业
    IN_5010 Project preparation 工程准备
    IN_5020 Construction equipment to provide services 提供施工设备服务
    IN_5090 Other activities not specified in the building 其他未列明的建筑活动
    IN_5110  railway passenger transportation  铁路旅客运输
    IN_5120 Railway Freight Transportation 铁路货物运输
    IN_5131 Passenger railway station 客运火车站
    IN_5132 Freight railway station 货运火车站
    IN_5139 Other ancillary activities of railway transportation 其他铁路运输辅助活动
    IN_5210 Road transportation of passengers 公路旅客运输
    IN_5220 Road transport of goods 道路货物运输
    IN_5231 Passenger bus station 客运汽车站
    IN_5232 Highway Management and Conservation 公路管理与养护
    IN_5239 Other support activities for road transport 其他道路运输辅助活动
    IN_5310 Passenger Transport by Public Electric Vehicles 公共电汽车客运
    IN_5320 Rail Traffic 轨道交通
    IN_5330 Taxi passenger 出租车客运
    IN_5340 City ferry 城市轮渡
    IN_5390 Other urban public transport 其他城市公共交通
    IN_5411 Ocean passenger transportation 远洋旅客运输
    IN_5412 Coastal passenger transportation 沿海旅客运输
    IN_5413 River transportation of passengers 内河旅客运输
    IN_5421 Ocean-going cargo transport 远洋货物运输
    IN_5422 Coastal transport of goods 沿海货物运输
    IN_5423 River transport of goods 内河货物运输
    IN_5431 Passenger Port 客运港口
    IN_5432 Port cargo 货运港口
    IN_5439 Other water transportation support activities 其他水上运输辅助活动
    IN_5511 Air Passengers Transport 航空旅客运输
    IN_5512 Air Cargo Transport 航空货物运输
    IN_5520 General aviation services 通用航空服务
    IN_5531 Airport 机场
    IN_5532 Air Traffic Management 空中交通管理
    IN_5539 Other air transport support activities 其他航空运输辅助活动
    IN_5600 pipeline transportation industry 管道运输业
    IN_5710 handling and carrying 装卸搬运
    IN_5720 Transport agency services 运输代理服务
    IN_5810 Grain, cotton and other agricultural products warehouse 谷物、棉花等农产品仓储
    IN_5890 Other storage 其他仓储
    IN_5910 National Post 国家邮政
    IN_5990 other post services 其他寄递服务
    IN_6011 Fixed telecommunications services 固定电信服务
    IN_6012 Mobile telecommunications services 移动电信服务
    IN_6019 Other telecommunication services 其他电信服务
    IN_6020 Internet Information Services 互联网信息服务
    IN_6031 Cable television transmission services 有线广播电视传输服务
    IN_6032 Radio and television transmission services 无线广播电视传输服务
    IN_6040 Satellite transmission services 卫星传输服务
    IN_6110 Computer system services 计算机系统服务
    IN_6120 Data processing 数据处理
    IN_6130 Computer maintenance 计算机维修
    IN_6190 Other computer services 其他计算机服务
    IN_6211 Based software services 基础软件服务
    IN_6212 Application software services 应用软件服务
    IN_6290 Other software services 其他软件服务
    IN_6311 Grains, beans and potato wholesale 谷物、豆及薯类批发
    IN_6312 Seed, feed wholesale 种子、饲料批发
    IN_6313 Cotton and linen Wholesale 棉、麻批发
    IN_6314 livestock Wholesale 牲畜批发
    IN_6319 Other agricultural and livestock products wholesale 其他农畜产品批发
    IN_6321 Rice, flour and edible oil products wholesale 米、面制品及食用油批发
    IN_6322 Cakes, candy and sugar wholesale 糕点、糖果及糖批发
    IN_6323 Fruit and vegetables wholesale 果品、蔬菜批发
    IN_6324 Meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products wholesale 肉、禽、蛋及水产品批发
    IN_6325 Salt and spices wholesale 盐及调味品批发
    IN_6326 Beverages and tea wholesale 饮料及茶叶批发
    IN_6327 tobacco products Wholesale 烟草制品批发
    IN_6329 Other food wholesale 其他食品批发
    IN_6331 Textiles, knitwear and raw materials wholesale 纺织品、针织品及原料批发
    IN_6332 apparel Wholesale 服装批发
    IN_6333 footwear Wholesale 鞋帽批发
    IN_6334 Kitchen, bathroom appliances and daily groceries wholesale 厨房、卫生间用具及日用杂货批发
    IN_6335 Cosmetics and health supplies wholesale 化妆品及卫生用品批发
    IN_6339 Other daily necessities wholesale 其他日用品批发
    IN_6341 Stationery supplies wholesale 文具用品批发
    IN_6342 Sporting goods wholesale 体育用品批发
    IN_6343 Book Wholesale 图书批发
    IN_6344 Newspaper and periodical wholesale business 报刊批发
    IN_6345 Audio-video products and electronic publications wholesale 音像制品及电子出版物批发
    IN_6346 Jewelry, crafts and collectibles wholesale 首饰、工艺品及收藏品批发
    IN_6349 Other wholesale Stationery 其他文化用品批发
    IN_6351 Western medicine wholesale 西药批发
    IN_6352 wholesale of Chinese herbal medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines 中药材及中成药批发
    IN_6353 Medical supplies and equipment wholesale 医疗用品及器材批发
    IN_6361 Wholesale of coal and its products 煤炭及制品批发
    IN_6362 Wholesale of oil and its products 石油及制品批发
    IN_6363 Non-metallic mineral and products wholesale 非金属矿及制品批发
    IN_6364 Metal and metal ore wholesale 金属及金属矿批发
    IN_6365 Building Materials Wholesale 建材批发
    IN_6366 Fertilizer wholesale 化肥批发
    IN_6367 Pesticide wholesale 农药批发
    IN_6368 Wholesale of Farm Films 农用薄膜批发
    IN_6369 Other chemical products wholesale 其他化工产品批发
    IN_6371 Wholesale of Agricultural Machinery 农业机械批发
    IN_6372 Cars, motorbikes and spare parts wholesale 汽车、摩托车及零配件批发
    IN_6373 Hardware and Interface wholesale 五金、交电批发
    IN_6374 Household appliances wholesale 家用电器批发
    IN_6375 Computers, software and supporting equipment wholesale 计算机、软件及辅助设备批发
    IN_6376 Communications and radio and television equipment wholesale 通讯及广播电视设备批发
    IN_6379 Other mechanical equipment and electronic products wholesale 其他机械设备及电子产品批发
    IN_6380 Trade brokers and agents 贸易经纪与代理
    IN_6391 Wholesale of renewable materials recovery 再生物资回收与批发
    IN_6399 The other not specify the wholesale 其他未列明的批发
    IN_6511 Retail 百货零售
    IN_6512 supermarket Retail 超级市场零售
    IN_6519 Other comprehensive retail 其他综合零售
    IN_6521 Oil retail 粮油零售
    IN_6522 Cakes and bread retail 糕点、面包零售
    IN_6523 Fruit and vegetables retail 果品、蔬菜零售
    IN_6524 Meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products retail 肉、禽、蛋及水产品零售
    IN_6525 Beverages and tea retail 饮料及茶叶零售
    IN_6526 Retail of tobacco products 烟草制品零售
    IN_6529 Other food retail 其他食品零售
    IN_6531 Textiles and knitwear retail 纺织品及针织品零售
    IN_6532 Clothing retail 服装零售
    IN_6533 Footwear retail 鞋帽零售
    IN_6534 Clocks and watches, eyewear retail 钟表、眼镜零售
    IN_6535 Cosmetics and health products retail 化妆品及卫生用品零售
    IN_6539 Other daily necessities retail 其他日用品零售
    IN_6541 Stationery retail 文具用品零售
    IN_6542 Sporting goods retail 体育用品零售
    IN_6543 Book retail 图书零售
    IN_6544 Newspaper retail 报刊零售
    IN_6545 Audio-video products and electronic publications retail 音像制品及电子出版物零售
    IN_6546 Jewellery retail 珠宝首饰零售
    IN_6547 Arts and the collection retail 工艺美术品及收藏品零售
    IN_6548 Photographic equipment retail 照相器材零售
    IN_6549 Other STATIONERY retail 其他文化用品零售
    IN_6551 Drugs retail 药品零售
    IN_6552 Medical supplies and equipment retail 医疗用品及器材零售
    IN_6561 Automotive retail 汽车零售
    IN_6562 Retail of Auto Parts and Accessories 汽车零配件零售
    IN_6563 Motorcycles and spare parts retail 摩托车及零配件零售
    IN_6564 Motor vehicle fuel retail 机动车燃料零售
    IN_6571 Household appliances retail 家用电器零售
    IN_6572 Computers, software and supporting equipment retail 计算机、软件及辅助设备零售
    IN_6573 Communications equipment retail 通信设备零售
    IN_6579 Other electronic products retail 其他电子产品零售
    IN_6581 Hardware retail 五金零售
    IN_6582 Furniture retail 家具零售
    IN_6583 Paint retail 涂料零售
    IN_6589 Other interior decoration materials retail 其他室内装修材料零售
    IN_6591 Flow stall retail 流动货摊零售
    IN_6592 Mail order and e-sales 邮购及电子销售
    IN_6593 Domestic fuel retail 生活用燃料零售
    IN_6594 Flower retail 花卉零售
    IN_6595 old stuff Retail 旧货零售
    IN_6599 Other non-specified retail 其他未列明的零售
    IN_6610 Tourist Hotel 旅游饭店
    IN_6620 General hostels 一般旅馆
    IN_6690 Other residential services 其他住宿服务
    IN_6710 Dinner service 正餐服务
    IN_6720 Fast food services 快餐服务
    IN_6730 Beverages and cold drinks service 饮料及冷饮服务
    IN_6790 Other catering services 其他餐饮服务
    IN_6810 Central Bank 中央银行
    IN_6820 Commercial Banks 商业银行
    IN_6890 Other banks 其他银行
    IN_6910 Securities market management 证券市场管理
    IN_6920 Securities brokerage and trading 证券经纪与交易
    IN_6930 Securities Investment 证券投资
    IN_6940 Securities Analysis and Consulting 证券分析与咨询
    IN_7010 Life Insurance 人寿保险
    IN_7020 Non-life insurance 非人寿保险
    IN_7030 Services Auxiliary to Insurance 保险辅助服务
    IN_7110 Financial Trust and Management 金融信托与管理
    IN_7120 Financial leasing 金融租赁
    IN_7130 Financial companies 财务公司
    IN_7140 Post and Saving 邮政储蓄
    IN_7150 Pawn 典当
    IN_7190 Other Financial Activities Unlisted 其他未列明的金融活动
    IN_7210 Real estate development and management 房地产开发经营
    IN_7220 Property management 物业管理
    IN_7230 Real estate services 房地产中介服务
    IN_7290 Other real estate activities 其他房地产活动
    IN_7311 Car leasing 汽车租赁
    IN_7312 Agricultural machinery leasing 农业机械租赁
    IN_7313 Construction machinery and equipment rental 建筑工程机械与设备租赁
    IN_7314 Computer and telecommunications equipment leasing 计算机及通讯设备租赁
    IN_7319 Other machinery and equipment rental 其他机械与设备租赁
    IN_7321 Book and audio-video products rental 图书及音像制品出租
    IN_7329 Cultural and other daily necessities rental 其他文化及日用品出租
    IN_7411 Enterprise management agencies 企业管理机构
    IN_7412 Investment and asset management 投资与资产管理
    IN_7419 Other business management services 其他企业管理服务
    IN_7421 Lawyers and related legal services 律师及相关的法律服务
    IN_7422 Notary Service 公证服务
    IN_7429 Other legal services 其他法律服务
    IN_7431 Accounting, auditing and tax services 会计、审计及税务服务
    IN_7432 Market survey 市场调查
    IN_7433 Socio-economic consulting 社会经济咨询
    IN_7439 Other professional advice 其他专业咨询
    IN_7440 The advertising industry 广告业
    IN_7450 Intellectual Property Services 知识产权服务
    IN_7460 Professional intermediary services 职业中介服务
    IN_7470 Market Management 市场管理
    IN_7480 Travel agents 旅行社
    IN_7491 Convention and exhibition services 会议及展览服务
    IN_7492 Wrapping 包装服务
    IN_7493 Security services 保安服务
    IN_7494 Office services 办公服务
    IN_7499 The other unlisted business services 其他未列明的商务服务
    IN_7510 Natural Science Research and Experimental Development 自然科学研究与试验发展
    IN_7520 Engineering technology research and experimental development 工程和技术研究与试验发展
    IN_7530 Agricultural scientific research and experimental development 农业科学研究与试验发展
    IN_7540 Research and Experimental Development on Medical Research 医学研究与试验发展
    IN_7550 Research and Experimental Development on Social Science and Humanities 社会人文科学研究与试验发展
    IN_7610 Meteorological Services 气象服务
    IN_7620 Seismic services 地震服务
    IN_7630 Ocean Services 海洋服务
    IN_7640 Mapping service 测绘服务
    IN_7650 Technique Detection 技术检测
    IN_7660 Environmental Monitoring 环境监测
    IN_7671 Project management services 工程管理服务
    IN_7672 Engineering Survey and Design 工程勘察设计
    IN_7673 Planning and Management 规划管理
    IN_7690 Other professional and technical services 其他专业技术服务
    IN_7710 Technical extension services 技术推广服务
    IN_7720 Science and technology intermediary service 科技中介服务
    IN_7790 Other technology services 其他科技服务
    IN_7811 Geological exploration of mineral energy 能源矿产地质勘查
    IN_7812 Geological exploration of solid minerals 固体矿产地质勘查
    IN_7819 Geological exploration of other minerals 其他矿产地质勘查
    IN_7820 Basic geological exploration 基础地质勘查
    IN_7830 Geological prospecting and technical services 地质勘查技术服务
    IN_7910 Flood Prevention Management 防洪管理
    IN_7921 Reservoir management 水库管理
    IN_7922 Water management 调水、引水管理
    IN_7929 Other water resources management 其他水资源管理
    IN_7990 Management of Other Water Conservancy 其他水利管理
    IN_8011 Management of Nature Reserves 自然保护区管理
    IN_8012 Wildlife protection 野生动植物保护
    IN_8019 Other natural protection 其他自然保护
    IN_8021 Urban Amenities management 城市市容管理
    IN_8022 City environment and health management 城市环境卫生管理
    IN_8023 Water Pollution Control 水污染治理
    IN_8024 Hazardous waste management 危险废物治理
    IN_8029 Other environmental management 其他环境治理
    IN_8110 Public Facilities Management Services 市政公共设施管理
    IN_8120 Management of urban greening 城市绿化管理
    IN_8131 Scenic area management 风景名胜区管理
    IN_8132 Park management 公园管理
    IN_8139 Other tour scenic spot management 其他游览景区管理
    IN_8210 Family services 家庭服务
    IN_8220 Nursery 托儿所
    IN_8230 Laundry and dyeing Services 洗染服务
    IN_8240 Haircut and Hairdressing Services 理发及美容保健服务
    IN_8250 Bath service 洗浴服务
    IN_8260 Marriage services 婚姻服务
    IN_8270 Funeral services 殡葬服务
    IN_8280 Photography Services 摄影扩印服务
    IN_8290 Other residents of service 其他居民服务
    IN_8311 Cars, motorbikes Maintenance 汽车、摩托车维护与保养
    IN_8312 Maintenance of office equipment 办公设备维修
    IN_8313 Repair of household appliances 家用电器修理
    IN_8319 Other daily necessities repair 其他日用品修理
    IN_8321 Building cleaning services 建筑物清洁服务
    IN_8329 Other cleaning services 其他清洁服务
    IN_8390 Other Unlisted Services 其他未列明的服务
    IN_8410 Pre-school Education 学前教育
    IN_8420 Primary School 初等教育
    IN_8431 Middle School 初中教育
    IN_8432 High school 高中教育
    IN_8433 Specialized secondary education 中等专业教育
    IN_8434 Vocational secondary education 职业中学教育
    IN_8435 Mechanical school education 技工学校教育
    IN_8439 Other secondary education 其他中等教育
    IN_8441 Higher Education 普通高等教育
    IN_8442 Adult higher education 成人高等教育
    IN_8491 Vocational skills training 职业技能培训
    IN_8492 Special Education 特殊教育
    IN_8499 Other Unlisted Education 其他未列明的教育
    IN_8511 General Hospital 综合医院
    IN_8512 Traditional Chinese medicine hospital 中医医院
    IN_8513 Combined Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital 中西医结合医院
    IN_8514 National Minority Hospital 民族医院
    IN_8515 Specialist Hospital 专科医院
    IN_8516 Nursing Homes 疗养院
    IN_8520 Health Centers and Community Medical Treatment Activities 卫生院及社区医疗活动
    IN_8530 Clinics Medical Treatment Activities 门诊部医疗活动
    IN_8540 Family planning service 计划生育技术服务活动
    IN_8550 Maternal and child health service 妇幼保健活动
    IN_8560 Specialist service for Disease Control and Prevention 专科疾病防治活动
    IN_8570 Vaccination for disease prevention and control service 疾病预防控制及防疫活动
    IN_8590 Other health services 其他卫生活动
    IN_8600 Social Security 社会保障业
    IN_8711 Cadres sanatorium 干部休养所
    IN_8712 Adoption of asylum services 收养收容服务
    IN_8720 No Lodging Social Welfare 不提供住宿的社会福利
    IN_8810 Journalism 新闻业
    IN_8821 Book Publication 图书出版
    IN_8822 Newspapers Publication 报纸出版
    IN_8823 Periodical Publication 期刊出版
    IN_8824 Audio-video Publication 音像制品出版
    IN_8825 Electronic  Publication 电子出版物出版
    IN_8829 Other Publications 其他出版
    IN_8910 Broadcasting 广播
    IN_8920 TV 电视
    IN_8931 Film production and distribution 电影制作与发行
    IN_8932 Film screenings 电影放映
    IN_8940 Audio-visual production 音像制作
    IN_9010 Literary and artistic creation and performance 文艺创作与表演
    IN_9020 Performing arts venues 艺术表演场馆
    IN_9031 Library 图书馆
    IN_9032 Archives 档案馆
    IN_9040 Cultural Relics and Relics Preservation 文物及文化保护
    IN_9050 Museum 博物馆
    IN_9060 Martyrs Mausoleum and Memorial Hall 烈士陵园、纪念馆
    IN_9070 Mass cultural activities 群众文化活动
    IN_9080 Brokers and Agents for Cultural and Arts Activities 文化艺术经纪代理
    IN_9090 Other arts and culture 其他文化艺术
    IN_9110 Sports organizations 体育组织
    IN_9120 Sports Gymnasiums 体育场馆
    IN_9190 Other Sports 其他体育
    IN_9210 Indoor recreational activities 室内娱乐活动
    IN_9220 Amusement parks 游乐园
    IN_9230 Fitness and leisure entertainment 休闲健身娱乐活动
    IN_9290 Other entertainment 其他娱乐活动
    IN_9300 Chinese Communist Party Agencies 中国共产党机关
    IN_9410 National Authority 国家权力机构
    IN_9421 General Affairs Management Agencies 综合事务管理机构
    IN_9422 Foreign Affairs management 对外事务管理机构
    IN_9423 Public security management agencies 公共安全管理机构
    IN_9424 Social affairs management 社会事务管理机构
    IN_9425 Economic management 经济事务管理机构
    IN_9426 Government regulatory agencies 政府事务管理机构
    IN_9427 Administrative supervision and inspection agencies 行政监督检查机构
    IN_9431 People's Court 人民法院
    IN_9432 People's Procuratorate 人民检察院
    IN_9490 Other national institutions 其他国家机构
    IN_9510 People's Political Consultative Conference 人民政协
    IN_9520 Democratic parties 民主党派
    IN_9611 Trade Union 工会
    IN_9612 Women's Federation 妇联
    IN_9613 Communist Young League 共青团
    IN_9619 Other non-government organizations 其他群众团体
    IN_9621 Professional organizations 专业性团体
    IN_9622 Industrial organizations 行业性团体
    IN_9629 Other social organizations 其他社会团体
    IN_9630 Religious organizations 宗教组织
    IN_9710 Community autonomous organizations 社区自治组织
    IN_9720 Village autonomous organizations 村民自治组织
    IN_9800 International organization 国际组织
    RE_01 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  0-30 0----30万元
    RE_02 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  30---50 30---50万元
    RE_03 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  50---100 50---100万元
    RE_04 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  100--300 100--300万元
    RE_05 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  300--500 300--500万元
    RE_06 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  500--1000 500--1000万元
    RE_07 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  1000-3000 1000-3000万元
    RE_08 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  3000-5000 3000-5000万元
    RE_09 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  5000-10000 5000-1亿元
    RE_10 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  10000-30000 1----3亿元
    RE_11 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  30000-50000 3----5亿元
    RE_12 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  50000-100000 5----10亿元
    RE_13 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  100000-150000 10----15亿元
    RE_14 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  150000-200000 15----20亿元
    RE_15 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan)  200000 and over 20亿元以上
    EM_01 Number of Units with Employee  1-19 1-19人
    EM_02 Number of Units with Employee  20-49 20-49人
    EM_03 Number of Units with Employee  50-99 50-99人
    EM_04 Number of Units with Employee  100-499 100-499人
    EM_05 Number of Units with Employee  500-999 500-999人
    EM_06 Number of Units with Employee  1000-4999 1000-4999人
    EM_07 Number of Units with Employee  5000-29999 5000-29999人
    EM_08 Number of Units with Employee  30000-49999 30000-49999人
    EM_09 Number of Units with Employee  50000+ 50000人+
    GbProv Two digit code of Province in number 所在省的两位码
    ProvCH Chinese name of Province 所在省的中文名
    ProvEN English name of Province 所在省的英文名
    GbPref Four digit code of Prefecture 所在地级行政单位的四位码
    PrefCH Chinese name of Prefecture 所在地级行政单位的中文名
    PrefEN English name of Prefecture 所在地级行政单位的英文名
    GbCounty Six digit code of County 所在区县的六位码
    CountyCH Chinese name of County 所在区县的中文名
    CountyEN English name of County 所在区县的英文名
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