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  • China 1995 Industrial Census Data with GIS Maps
    Order ID:  CDC-A-2010-002
    Publisher:  All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd.
    Publication Date:  5/10/2010 12:00:00 AM
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    The 1995 Industrial Census data provide extensive information on industries, major services, ownership, employment and revenue of all indusrial enterprises in China. This GIS based data product has integrated the 1995 Industrial Census data and the GIS maps at province, prefecture, county and ZIP code levels of all Mainland China.
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    Variable Description

    TotalUnits Total Industrial Units 企业总数

    OW_10 State-owned Unites 国有经济
    OW_20 Collective-owned Unites 集体经济
    OW_30 Private Owned 私营经济
    OW_40 Private Economy 个体经济
    OW_50 Joint Owned 联营经济
    OW_60 Joint Stock 股份制经济
    OW_71 Chinese-Foreign Joint Venture 中外合资经营企业
    OW_72 Chinese-Foreign Cooperative 中外合作经营企业
    OW_73 Foreign Enterprises 外商独资企业
    OW_81 Joint Venture(Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan Funded 港澳台与大陆合资经营企
    OW_82 Cooperative(Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan Funded 港澳台与大陆合作经营企业
    OW_83 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Enterprises 港澳台独资企业
    OW_90 Other 其他经济

    IN_0610 Coal-mining Industry 煤炭开采业
    IN_0620 Coal-dressing Industry 煤炭洗选业
    IN_0710 Recovering Industry for Natural Oil 天然原油开采业
    IN_0720 Natural-gas-extracting Industry 天然气开采业
    IN_0730 Oil-shale Extracting Industry 油页岩开采业
    IN_0810 Iron-ore-Mining and -Dressing Industry 铁矿采选业
    IN_0821 Mining and dressing industry for manganese ore 锰矿采选业
    IN_0822 Mining and dressing industry for chromium ore 铬矿采选业
    IN_0911 Mining and Dressing Industry for Copper Ore 铜矿采选业
    IN_0912 Mining and Dressing Industry for Lead-sine Ore 铅锌矿采选业
    IN_0914 Mining and Dressing Industry for Nickel-Cobalt Ore 镍钴矿采选业
    IN_0915 Mining and Dressing Industry for Tin Ore 锡矿采选业
    IN_0916 Mining and Dressing Industry for Antimony Ore 锑矿采选业
    IN_0917 Mining and Dressing Industry for Mercury Ore 汞矿采选业
    IN_0919 Mining and Dressing Industry for Other Heavy Non-ferrous Metallic Ore 其他重有色金属矿采选业
    IN_0931 Mining and Dressing Industry for Aluminium Ore 铝矿采选业
    IN_0932 Mining and Dressing Industry for magnesium Ore 镁矿采选业
    IN_0933 Mining and Dressing Industry for titanium Ore 钛矿采选业
    IN_0939 Mining and Dressing Industry for Other Light Non-ferrous Metallic Ore 其他轻有色金属矿采选业
    IN_0951 Mining and Dressing Industry for Gold Ore 金矿采选业
    IN_0952 Mining and Dressing Industry for Silver Ore 银矿采选业
    IN_0959 Mining and Dressing Industry forOther Noble Metallic Ore 其他贵金属矿采选业
    IN_0961 Mining and Dressing Industry for tungsten-molybdenum Ore 钨钼矿采选业
    IN_0962 Mining and Dressing Industry for Rare Light Metallic Ore 稀有轻金属矿采选业
    IN_0963 Mining and Dressing Industry for Rare Metallic Ore with High Melting Point 稀有高熔点金属矿选业
    IN_0964 Mining and Dressing Industry for Rare and Scattered Metallic Ore 稀散金属矿选业
    IN_0965 Mining and Dressing Industry for Rare Earth Metallic Ore 稀土金属矿选业
    IN_0966 Mining and Dressing Industry for Rare Radiative Metallic Ore 稀有放射性金属矿选业
    IN_0969 Mining and Dressing Industry for Other Rare Earth Rare Metallic Ore 其他稀有土金属矿采选业
    IN_1011 Mining Industry for Limestone 石灰石开采业
    IN_1012 Mining Industry for Stones for Building and Decoration 建筑用石开采业
    IN_1013 Mining Industry for Refractory Earth Stone 耐火土石开采业
    IN_1019 Mining Industry for Other Earch Sandstones 其他土砂石开采业
    IN_1021 Mining and Dressing Industry for Surphur Ore 硫矿采选业
    IN_1022 Mining and Dressing Industry for Phosphorus Ore 磷矿采选业
    IN_1023 Mining and Dressing Industry for Natural Sylvite 天然钾盐采选业
    IN_1024 Mining and Dressing Industry for Boron Ore 矿采选业
    IN_1029 Mining and Dressing Industry for Other Chemical Ore 其他化学矿采选业
    IN_1031 Industry for sea salt 海盐业
    IN_1032 Industry for lake salt 湖盐业
    IN_1033 Industry of well salt 井盐业
    IN_1034 Industry for mine salt 矿盐业
    IN_1091 Mining and Dressing Industry for Asbestos 石棉采选业
    IN_1092 Mining and Dressing Industry for Mica 云母采选业
    IN_1093 Mining and Dressing Industry for Graphite 石墨采选业
    IN_1094 Mining and Dressing Industry for Gypsum 石膏采选业
    IN_1095 Mining and Dressing Industry for Gem and Jade 宝石、玉石采选业
    IN_1096 Mining and Dressing Industry for Crystal 水晶采选业
    IN_1097 Mining and Dressing Industry for Talcum 滑石采选业
    IN_1099 Mining and Dressing Industry for Non-metallic Ores That Are Not Covered in Other Categories 其他类未包括的非金属矿采选业
    IN_1100 Mining and Dressing Industry for Other Ores 其他矿采选业
    IN_1210 Picking and Transporting Industry for Wood 木材采运业
    IN_1220 Picking and Transporting Industry for Bamboos 竹材采运业
    IN_1311 Rice-hulling Industry 碾米业
    IN_1312 Flour-grinding Industry 磨粉业
    IN_1313 Industry of Flour and Rice Product 面.米制品业
    IN_1314 Manufacturing Industry for Compound and Hybrid Forage 配合及混合饲料制造业
    IN_1315 Manufacturing Industry of Protein Forage 蛋白饲料制造业
    IN_1317 Manufacturing Industry of Aquatic Forage 水产饲料制造业
    IN_1319 Manufacturing Industry of Other Forage 其他饲料制造业
    IN_1321 Processing Industry for Edible Vegetable Oil 食用植物油加工业
    IN_1322 Processing Industry for non-edible Vegetable Oil 非食用植物油加工业
    IN_1331 Industry of Sugarcane Sugar 甘蔗糖业
    IN_1332 Industry of Beet Sugar 甜菜糖业
    IN_1334 Sugar-processing Industry 加工糖业
    IN_1341 Butcher Industry 屠宰业
    IN_1342 Industry for Procerssing Meat Products 肉制品加工业
    IN_1343 Industry for Procerssing Side Meat Products 肉类副产品加工业
    IN_1344 Industry for Processing Egg Products 蛋品加工业
    IN_1351 Industry for Processing Frozen Aquatic Products 冷冻水产品工业
    IN_1352 Industry for Processing Dried Aquatic Products 干制水产品加工业
    IN_1353 Industry for Processing Salted Aquatic Products 腌制水产品加工业
    IN_1354 Processing Industry for Fish Paste and Fish Paste Products 鱼糜及鱼糜制品加工业
    IN_1359 Industry for Processing Other Aquatic Products 其它水产品加工业
    IN_1360 Industry for Processing Salt 食用盐加工业
    IN_1390 Industry for Processing Other Food 其他食品加工业
    IN_1411 Sweets Industry 糖果业
    IN_1412 Pastry Industry 糕点业
    IN_1413 Biscuit Industry 饼干业
    IN_1414 Industry of Fast Staple Food 方便主食品业
    IN_1415 Industry for Candied Fruit 蜜饯业
    IN_1419 Industry for Other Pastry and Sweets Products 其他糕点、糖果制造业
    IN_1420 Manufacturing Industry for Milk Products 乳制品制造业
    IN_1431 Manufacturing Industry for Canned Meat 肉类罐头制造业
    IN_1432 Manufacturing Industry of Canned Birds Meat 禽类罐头制造业
    IN_1433 Manufacturing Industry for Canned Aquatic Products 水产罐头制造业
    IN_1434 Manufacturing Industry of Canned Fruits 水果罐头制造业
    IN_1435 Manufacturing Industry of Canned Vegetables 蔬菜罐头制造业
    IN_1439 Manufacturing Industry of Other Canned Food 其他罐头食品制造业
    IN_1441 Amino Acid Manufacturing Industry 氨基酸制造业
    IN_1442 Monosodium Glutamate Manufacturing Industry 味精制造业
    IN_1443 Lemon Sour Manufacturing Industry 柠檬酸制造业
    IN_1444 Industry of Yeast Product 酵母制造业
    IN_1445 Industry for Enzyme Products 酶制剂制造业
    IN_1449 Industry for Other Ferment Products 其他发酵制品业
    IN_1451 Manufacturing Industry for Soya Sauce and Sauce 酱油、酱类制造业
    IN_1452 Manufacturing Industry for Edible Vinegar 食醋制造业
    IN_1453 Manufacturing Industry for Flavouring Materials 调味料制造业
    IN_1454 Manufacturing Industry for Flavouring Oil 调味油制造业
    IN_1459 Manufacturing Industry for Other Condiments 其他调味品制造业
    IN_1491 Manufacturing Industry for Bean Product 豆制品制造业
    IN_1492 Industry for Starch and Starch Products 淀粉及淀粉制品业
    IN_1493 Manufacturing Industry for Milk Substitutes 代乳品制造业
    IN_1495 Ice Manufacturing Industry 制冰业
    IN_1497 Starch Sugar Industry 淀粉糖业
    IN_1498 Manufacturing Industry for Frozen Beverage 冷饮品制造业
    IN_1499 Manufacturing Industry for Food not Covered in Other Categories. 其他类未包括的食品制造业
    IN_1511 Alcohol Manufacturing Industry 酒精制造业
    IN_1512 White Spirit Manufacturing Industry 白酒制造业
    IN_1513 Beer Manufacturing Industry 啤酒制造业
    IN_1514 Yellow Spirit Manufacturing Industry 黄酒制造业
    IN_1515 Wine Manufacturing Industry 葡萄酒制造业
    IN_1516 Manufacturing Industry for Fruit Wine and Alcoholic Drink Mixed with Fruit Juice 果露酒制造业
    IN_1521 Manufacturing Industry of Carbonic Acid Beverage 碳酸饮料制造业
    IN_1522 Manufacturing Industry of Natural Mineral Water 天然矿泉水制造业
    IN_1523 Manufacturing Industry of Beverage of Juice and Vegetable Juice 果菜汁饮料制造业
    IN_1524 Manufacturing Industry of Solid Beverage 固体饮料制造业
    IN_1529 Manufacturing Industry for Other Soft Beverage 其他软饮料制造业
    IN_1550 Tea Manufacturing Industry 制茶业
    IN_1590 Manufacturing Industry Other Beverage 其他饮料制造业
    IN_1610 Industry for Re-curing Tobacco Leaves 烟叶复烤业
    IN_1620 Cigarette Manufacturing Industry 卷烟制造业
    IN_1690 Other Tobacco Processing Industry 其他烟草加工业
    IN_1711 Cotton Ginning Industry 轧花业
    IN_1712 Wool Washing Industry 洗毛业
    IN_1713 Industry for Processing Preliminarily Flax Fiber 亚麻纤妆步加工业
    IN_1714 Industry for Processing Preliminarily Ramie Fiber 苎麻纤维初步加工业
    IN_1719 Industry for Processing Preliminarily Other Raw Fiber Materials 其他纤维原料初步加工业
    IN_1721 Cotton Spinning Industry 棉纺业
    IN_1722 Cotton Weaving Industry 棉织业
    IN_1723 Printing and Dyeing Industry 印染业
    IN_1724 Cotton Product Industry 棉制品业
    IN_1725 Cotton Stripe Manufacturing Industry 棉线带制造业
    IN_1726 Curtain Cloth Manufacturing Industry 帘子布制造业
    IN_1729 Other Cotton Textile Industry 其他棉纺织业
    IN_1741 Wool Stripe Processing Industry 毛条加工业
    IN_1742 Wool Spinning Industry 毛纺业
    IN_1743 Wool Weaving Industry 毛织业
    IN_1744 Wool Dyeing and Dressing Industry 毛染整业
    IN_1745 Manufacturing Industry for Industrial woollen cloth and felt 工业用呢、工业用毡制造业
    IN_1749 Other Wool Textile Industry 其他毛纺织业
    IN_1761 Industry for Processing Ramie 苎麻纺织业
    IN_1762 Industry for Processing Flax 亚麻纺织业
    IN_1763 Textile Industry for Jute, Piemarker. 黄、洋、青麻纺织业
    IN_1769 Other Linen Textile Industry 其他麻纺织业
    IN_1771 Silk Reeling Industry 缫丝业
    IN_1772 Silk Spinning Industry 绢纺业
    IN_1773 Silk Weaving Industry 丝织业
    IN_1774 Silk Printing and Dyeing Industry 丝印染业
    IN_1775 Silk Product Industry 丝制品业
    IN_1779 Other Silk Textile Industry 其他丝绢纺织业
    IN_1781 Cotton Knit Goods Industry 棉针织品业
    IN_1782 Wool Knit Goods Industry 毛针织品业
    IN_1783 Silk Knitwear 丝针织品业
    IN_1789 Other Knit Goods Industry 其他针织业
    IN_1790 Other Textile Industry 其他纺织业
    IN_1810 Clothing Manufacturing Industry 服装制造业
    IN_1820 Cap-Making Industry 制帽业
    IN_1830 Shoe-Making Industry 制鞋业
    IN_1890 Manufacturing Industry for Other Fiber Products 其他纤维制品造业
    IN_1911 Light Leather Industry 轻革业
    IN_1912 Heavy Leather Industry 重革业
    IN_1919 Other Leather Manufacturing Industry 其他制革业
    IN_1921 Leather Shoe Manufacturing Industry 皮鞋制造业
    IN_1923 Manufacturing Industry for feather & leather Clothing 革皮服装制造业
    IN_1924 Leather Suitcase Manufacturing Industry 皮箱制造业
    IN_1925 Leather Handbag Manufacturing Industry 皮包制造业
    IN_1929 Industry for Leather Products Not Covered by Other Category 其他类未包括的皮革制品业
    IN_1931 Fur Tanning Industry 毛皮鞣制业
    IN_1932 Fur Clothing Industry 毛皮服装业
    IN_1939 Other Fur Goods Industry 其他毛皮制品业
    IN_1951 Plume (Down) Processing Industry 羽毛(绒)加工业
    IN_1952 Fur Clothing Industry 羽毛(绒)制品业
    IN_2011 Processing Industry for Sawed Material 锯材加工业
    IN_2012 Processing Industry for wood Slice 木片加工业
    IN_2021 Manufacturing Industry for Plywood 胶合板制造业
    IN_2022 Fiber Board Manufacturing Industry 纤维板制造业
    IN_2023 Shaving Board Manufacturing Industry 刨花板制造业
    IN_2029 Other Artifician Board Manufacturing Industry 其他人造板制造业
    IN_2031 Industry for Production Wooden Works 生产用木制品业
    IN_2033 Industry of Wooden Works of Life 生活用木制品业
    IN_2040 Bamboo, Rattan, Palm, Grass Work Industry 竹、藤、棕、草制品业
    IN_2110 Wood Furnishings Manufacturing Industry 木制家具制造业
    IN_2120 Bamboo & Rattan Furnishing Manufacturing Industry 竹、藤家具制造业
    IN_2130 Metal Furnishings Manufacturing Industry 金属家具制造业
    IN_2140 Plastic Furnishings Manufacturing Industry 塑料家具制造业
    IN_2190 Other Furnishings Manufacturing Industry 其他家具制造业
    IN_2210 Paper Pulp Manufacturing Industry 纸浆制造业
    IN_2221 Manufacturing Industry for Machine-made Paper and Paper Board 机制纸及纸板制造业
    IN_2223 Manufacturing Industry of Paper for Handworks 手工纸制造业
    IN_2224 Manufacturing Industry for Processing Paper 加工纸制造业
    IN_2230 Paper Work Industry 纸制品业
    IN_2311 Printing Industry for Books, Newspaper and Journals 书、报、刊印刷业
    IN_2312 Printing Industry for Packaging and Decoration 包装装潢印刷业
    IN_2319 Other Printing Industry 其他印刷业
    IN_2320 Copying Recording Media 记录媒介的复制
    IN_2411 Stationery Manufacturing Industry 文具制造业
    IN_2413 Notebook Manufacturing Industry 本册制造业
    IN_2415 Pen Manufacturing Industry 笔制造业
    IN_2417 Manufacturing Industry for Educational Samples and Models 教学标本、模型制造业
    IN_2419 Manufacturing Industry for Other Cultural Articles 其他文化用品制造业
    IN_2421 Ball Manufacturing Industry 各种球类制造业
    IN_2423 Manufacturing Industry for Sports Apparatus 各种体育器材制造业
    IN_2429 Manufacturing Industry for Other Sports Goods 其他体育用品制造业
    IN_2431 Manufacturing Industry for Chinese Music Instrument 中乐器制造业
    IN_2433 Manufacturing Industry for Western Music Instrument 西乐器制造业
    IN_2435 Manufacturing Industry for Electronic Music Instrument 电子乐器制造业
    IN_2439 Manufacturing Industry for Other Music Instrument and Entertaining Goods 其他乐器及文娱用品制造业
    IN_2440 Toy Manufacturing Industry 玩具制造业
    IN_2450 Manufacturing Industry for Recreation Apparatus 游艺器材制造业
    IN_2490 Manufacturing Industry for Cultural Education and Sports Articles That Are Not Covered in Other Catego 其他类未包括的文体育用品制造业
    IN_2510 Producing Industry for Artificial Crude Oil 人造原油生产业
    IN_2520 Processing Industry for Crude Oil 原油加工业
    IN_2530 Petroleum Product Industry 石油制品业
    IN_2570 Coking Industry 炼焦业
    IN_2611 Manufacturing Industry for Inorganic Acid 无机酸制造业
    IN_2613 Manufacturing Industry for Caustic Soda 烧碱制造业
    IN_2615 Manufacturing Industry for Pure Alkali 纯碱制造业
    IN_2617 Manufacturing Industry for Inorganic Salt 无机盐制造业
    IN_2619 Manufacturing Industry for Other Basic Chemical Material 其他基本化学原料制造业
    IN_2621 Manufacturing Industry of Nitrogen Fertilizer 氮肥制造业
    IN_2622 Manufacturing Industry of Phosphate Fertilizer 磷肥制造业
    IN_2623 Manufacturing Industry of Potassium Fertilizer 钾肥制造业
    IN_2624 Manufacturing Industry of Compound Fertilizer 复合肥料制造业
    IN_2625 Manufacturing Industry of Micro-element Fertilizer 微量元素肥料制造业
    IN_2629 Manufacturing Industry of Other Chemical Fertilizer 其他化学肥料制造业
    IN_2631 Manufacturing Industry of Crude Chemical 农药原药制造业
    IN_2633 Manufacturing Industry of Chemical Pesticide Preparation 农药制剂制造业
    IN_2651 Manufacuturing Industry for Organic Chemical Materials 有机化工原料制造业
    IN_2652 Coating Manufacturing Industry 涂料制造业
    IN_2653 Ink Manufacturing Industry 油墨制造业
    IN_2654 Pigments Manufacturing Industry 颜料制造业
    IN_2655 Dyestuff Manufacturing Industry 染料制造业
    IN_2659 Manufacturing Industry for Other Organic Chemical Products 其他有机化学产品制造业
    IN_2661 Manufacturing Industry for Polyolefine Plastic 聚烯烃塑料制造业
    IN_2662 Manufacturing Industry for Thermosetting Resin and Plastic 热固性树脂及塑料制造业
    IN_2663 Manufacturing Industry for Engineering Plastic 工程塑料制造业
    IN_2664 Manufacturing Industry for Function High Molecule 功能高分子制造业
    IN_2665 Manufacturing Industry for Organic Silicofluoric Material 有机硅氟材料制造业
    IN_2666 Manufacturing Industry for Synthetic Rubber 合成橡胶制造业
    IN_2667 Manufacturing Industry for Synthetic Fiber Monomer (Polymer) 合成纤维单(聚合)体制造业
    IN_2669 Manufacturing Industry for Other Synthetic Materials 其他合成材料制造业
    IN_2671 Manufacturing Industry for Chemical Reagent, Assistants 化学试剂、助剂制造业
    IN_2672 Manufacturing Industry for Special Chemical Articles 专项化学用品制造业
    IN_2673 Manufacturing Industry for Forest Chemical Products 林产化学产品制造业
    IN_2674 Manufacturing Industry for Explosives and Blasting Engeering Products 炸药及火工产品制造业
    IN_2675 Manufacturing Industry for Information Chemicals 信息化学品制造业
    IN_2676 Manufacturing Industry for Radiative Chemical Product 放射化学产吕制造业
    IN_2677 Manufacturing Industry for Additive 添加剂制造业
    IN_2681 Manufacturing Industry for Soap, Washing Powder, Synthetic Detergent 肥皂及皂粉、合成洗涤剂制造业
    IN_2682 Manufacturing Industry for Synthethic Fatty Acid 合成脂肪酸制造业
    IN_2683 Manufacturing Industry for Stearic Acid and Hardened Oil 硬脂酸、硬化油制造业
    IN_2684 Manufacturing Industry for Perfumery and Essence 香料、香精制造业
    IN_2685 Manufacturing Industry for Cosmetic 化妆品制造业
    IN_2686 Manufacturing Industry for Tooth Paste 牙膏制造业
    IN_2687 Manufacturing Industry for Match 火柴制造业
    IN_2688 Manufacturing Industry for Animal Glue 动物胶制造业
    IN_2689 Manufacturing Industry for Other Daily Chemicals 其他日用化学产品制造业
    IN_2710 Manufacturing Industry for Crude Chemical Medicine 化学药品原药制造业
    IN_2720 Manufacturing Industry forChemical Medicine Preparation 化学药品制剂制造业
    IN_2730 Industry for Processing Chinese Medicine and Finished Chinese Medicine 中药材及中成药加工业
    IN_2740 Manufacturing Industry for Animal Medicine 动物药品制造业
    IN_2750 Biological Product Industry 生物制造业
    IN_2811 Manufacturing Industry for Chemical Fiber Pulp Dreg 化纤浆粕制造业
    IN_2812 Manufacturing Industry for Adhesion Glue Fiber 粘胶纤维制造业
    IN_2819 Manufacturing Industry for Other Cellulose Fiber 其他纤维素纤维制造业
    IN_2821 Manufacturing Industry for Polyamide Fiber 锦纶纤维制造业
    IN_2822 Manufacturing Industry for Polyester Fiber 涤纶纤维制造业
    IN_2823 Manufacturing Industry for Acrylic Fiber 腈纶纤维制造业
    IN_2824 Manufacturing Industry for Polyvinyl alcohol Fiber 维纶纤维制造业
    IN_2829 Manufacturing Industry for Other Synthetic Fiber 其他合成纤维制造业
    IN_2851 Manufacturing Industry for Wire for Fishing Tackle 渔具用丝制造业
    IN_2852 Manufacturing Industry for Thread for Fishing Tackle 渔具用线制造业
    IN_2853 Manufacturing Industry for Rope for Fishing Tackle 渔具用绳制造业
    IN_2854 Manufacturing Industry for Fishing Net 渔网制造业
    IN_2859 Manufacturing Industry for Other Fishing Tackle 其他渔具制造业
    IN_2910 Manufacturing Industry of Tyre 轮胎制造业
    IN_2920 Force Vehicle Tyre Manufacturing Industry 力车胎制造业
    IN_2930 Manufacturing Industry for Rubber Board, Pipe and Stripe 橡胶板、管、带制造业
    IN_2940 Industry of Rubber Parts 橡胶零件制品业
    IN_2950 Manufacturing Industry for Reclaimed Rubber 再生橡胶制品业
    IN_2960 Rubber-soled Shoes & Boots Manufacturing Industry 橡胶靴鞋制造业
    IN_2970 Industry of Daily Rubber Articles 日用橡胶制品业
    IN_2981 Tyre Renovating Industry 轮胎翻新业
    IN_2989 Renovating Industry for Other Rubber Product 其他橡胶制品翻修业
    IN_2990 Other Rubber Product Industry 其他橡胶制品业
    IN_3010 Manufacturing Industry for Plastic Film 塑料薄膜制造业
    IN_3020 Manufacturing Industry of Plastic Plate, Pipe and Bar 塑料板、管、棒材制造业
    IN_3030 Manufacturing Industry of Plastic Wire, Rope and Woven Goods 塑料丝、绳及编织品制造业
    IN_3040 Manufacturing Industry of Foam Plastic, Artificial and Synthetic Leather 泡沫塑料及人造革、合成革制造业
    IN_3050 Manufacturing Industry of Plastic Packaging Box and Containers 塑料包装箱及容器制造业
    IN_3060 Plastic Shoe Manufacturing Industry 塑料鞋制造业
    IN_3070 Manufacturing Industry of Daily Plastic Sundry Goods 日用塑料杂品制造业
    IN_3080 Manufacturing Industry of Plastic Parts 塑料零件制造业
    IN_3090 Manufacturing Industry of Other Plastic Products 其他塑料制品业
    IN_3110 Manufacturing Industry for Cement 水泥制造业
    IN_3121 Industry for Cement Products 水泥制品业
    IN_3123 Manufacturing Industry for Concrete Structure 混凝土结构构件制造业
    IN_3124 Industry for Asbestos Cement Products 石棉水泥制品业
    IN_3129 Industry for other Cement Products 其他水泥制品业
    IN_3131 Manufacturing Industry for Brick and Tile 砖瓦制造业
    IN_3132 Manufacturing Industry for Lime 石灰制造业
    IN_3133 Processing Industry of Building Stones 建筑用石加工业
    IN_3134 Manufacturing Industry for Light Building Materials 轻质建筑材料制造业
    IN_3135 Manufacturing Industry for Waterproof Sealing Materials 防水密封建筑材料制造业
    IN_3136 Manufacturing Industry for Heat Insulating Materials 隔热保温材料制造业
    IN_3139 Other Manufacturing Industry for Brick, Tile, Lime and Light Building Materials 其他砖瓦、石灰和轻质建筑材料制造业
    IN_3141 Manufacturing Industry for Glass for Building 建筑用玻璃制品业
    IN_3142 Manufacturing Industry for Glass for Industrial Technology 工业技术用玻璃制造业
    IN_3143 Manufacturing Industry for Optical Glass 光学玻璃制造业
    IN_3145 Manufacturing Industry for Glass Instruments 玻璃仪器制造业
    IN_3147 Industry for Daily Glass Products 日用玻璃制品业
    IN_3148 Manufacturing Industry for Glass Heat-Insulating Containers 玻璃保温容器制造业
    IN_3149 Other Glass and Glass Product Industry 其他玻璃及玻璃制品业
    IN_3151 Manufacturing Industry for Building and Sanitary Ceramics 建筑、卫生陶瓷制造业
    IN_3153 Manufacturing Industry for Industrial Ceramics 工业用陶瓷制造业
    IN_3155 Manufacturing Industry for Daily Ceramics 日用陶瓷制造业
    IN_3159 Other Ceramic Products Industry 其他陶瓷制造业
    IN_3161 Asbestos Product Industry 石棉制品业
    IN_3163 Mica Product Industry 云母制品业
    IN_3169 Other Refractory Material Product Industy 其他耐火材料制品业
    IN_3171 Industry of Carbon Products for Metallurgy 冶金用碳素制品业
    IN_3172 Industry of Carbon Products for Electrical Engineering 电工用碳素制品业
    IN_3179 Other Graphite and Carbon Product Industry 其他石墨及碳素制品业
    IN_3181 Industry of Glass Fiber and Its Product 玻璃纤维及其制品业
    IN_3182 Glass Steel Product Industry 玻璃钢制品业
    IN_3189 Industry of Other Mineral Fiber and Their Products 其他矿物纤维及其制品业
    IN_3190 Industry for Non-metallic Ore Products That Are Not Covered in Other Category 其他类未包括的非金属矿物制品业
    IN_3210 Iron-smelting Industry 炼铁业
    IN_3220 Steel-smelting Industry 炼钢业
    IN_3240 Iron-rolling Industry 钢压延加工业
    IN_3260 Iron-Alloy-smelting Industry 铁合金冶炼业
    IN_3311 Smelting Industry for Copper 铜冶炼业
    IN_3312 Smelting Industry for Lead-Zinc 铅锌冶炼业
    IN_3314 Smelting Industry for Nickel-cobalt 镍钴冶炼业
    IN_3316 Smelting Industry for Tin 锡冶炼业
    IN_3317 Smelting Industry for Antimony 锑冶炼业
    IN_3318 Smelting Industry for Mercury 汞冶炼业
    IN_3319 Smelting Industry for Other Heavy Non-Ferrous Metals 其他重有色金属冶炼业
    IN_3321 Smelting Industry for Aluminium 铝冶炼业
    IN_3322 Smelting Industry for Magnesium 镁冶炼业
    IN_3323 Smelting Industry for titanium 钛冶炼业
    IN_3329 Smelting Industry for Other Light Non-Ferrous Metals 其他轻有色金属冶炼业
    IN_3331 Smelting Industry for Gold 金冶炼业
    IN_3332 Smelting Industry for Silver 银冶炼业
    IN_3339 Smelting Industry for Other Noble Metals 其他贵金属冶炼业
    IN_3341 Smelting Industry for Tungsten Molybdenum 钨钼冶炼业
    IN_3349 Smelting Industry for Other Rare and Rare-Earth Metals 其他稀有稀土金属冶炼业
    IN_3360 Alloying Industry for Non-ferrous Metals 有色金属合金业
    IN_3381 Rolling Industry for Heavy Non-ferrous Metal 重有色金属压延加工业
    IN_3383 Rolling Industry for Light Non-ferrous Metal 轻有色金属压延加工业
    IN_3385 Rolling Industry for Noble Metal 贵金属压延加工业
    IN_3387 Rolling Industry for Rare and Rare-Earth Metals 稀有稀土金属压延加工业
    IN_3410 Manufacturing Industry for Metal Structure 金属结构制造业
    IN_3420 Manufacturing Industry for Cast Iron Pipe 铸铁管制造业
    IN_3431 Manufacturing Industry for Cutting Tools 切削工具制造业
    IN_3434 Die & Mold Manufacturing Industry 模具制造业
    IN_3435 Manual Tool Manufacturing Industry 手工具制造业
    IN_3439 Manufacturing Industry for Other Tools 其他工具制造业
    IN_3441 Manufacturing Industry for Container 集装箱制造业
    IN_3442 Manufacturing Industry Metallic Packaging Articles and Vessels 金属包装物品及容器制造业
    IN_3450 Industry of Metallic Wire, Rope and their Products 金属丝绳及其制品业
    IN_3461 Manufacturing Industry for Small Building Hardwares 建筑小五金制造业
    IN_3463 Manufacturing Industry for Components of Water Supply and Heating Pipe 水暖管道零件制造业
    IN_3465 Manufacturing Industry for Metallic Door & Window 金属门窗制造业
    IN_3469 Industry of Other Metallic Products for Buliding 其他建筑用金属制品业
    IN_3470 Industry of Metal Surface Treatment and Heat Treatment 金属表面处理及热处理业
    IN_3481 Manufacturing Industry of Enamel 日用搪瓷制造业
    IN_3482 Aluminium Product Industry 铝制品业
    IN_3483 Stainless Steel Product Industry 不锈钢制品业
    IN_3484 Manufacturing Industry for Knife and Scissors 刀剪制造业
    IN_3485 Lock Manufacturing Industry 制锁业
    IN_3486 Manufacturing Industry for Cooking Tools 炊事用具制造业
    IN_3487 Manufacturing Industry for Gas Relative Tools 燃气用具制造业
    IN_3488 Manufacturing Industry for Haircutting Tools 理发用具制造业
    IN_3489 Industry for Other Daily Metallic Products 其他日用金属制品业
    IN_3491 Manufacturing Industry for Iron Farm Implements 铁制小农具制造业
    IN_3495 Manufacturing Industry for Welding Rod 焊条制造业
    IN_3499 Industry for Metallic Products That Are Not Included in Other Category 其他类未包括的金属制品业
    IN_3511 Manufacturing Industry for Boiler 锅炉制造业
    IN_3512 Manufacturing Industry for Internal Combustion Engine 内燃机制造业
    IN_3513 Manufacturing Industry for Turbine 汽轮机制造业
    IN_3514 Manufacturing Industry for Water Turbine 水轮机制造业
    IN_3515 Manufacturing Industry for Components and Attachments for Internal Combustion Engine 内燃机零部件及配件制造业
    IN_3519 Manufacturing Industry for Other Boiler and Prime Mover 其他锅炉及原动机制造业
    IN_3521 Manufacturing Industry for Metal-cutting Machine Tools 金属切削切床制造业
    IN_3523 Manufacturing Industry for Forging Equipment 锻压设备制造业
    IN_3525 Manufacturing Industry for Casting Equipment 铸造机械制造业
    IN_3526 Manufacturing Industry for Attachments for Machine Tools 机床附件制造业
    IN_3529 Manufacturing Industry for Other Metal-cutting Machines 其他金属加工机械制造业
    IN_3531 Manufacturing Industry for Cranes and Transporters 起重运输设备制造业
    IN_3532 Manufacturing Industry for Vehicles for Mines 工矿车辆制造业
    IN_3533 Manufacturing Industry for Pumps 泵制造业
    IN_3534 Manufacturing Industry for Blower Fans 风机制造业
    IN_3535 Manufacturing Industry for Air Compressor and Air Separator 气体压缩机及气体分离设备制造业
    IN_3536 Manufacturing Industry for Cooling Equipment 冷冻设备制造业
    IN_3537 Manufacturing Industry for Pneumatic Tools 风动工具制造业
    IN_3538 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Tools 电动工具制造业
    IN_3539 Manufacturing Industry for Other General-Purpose Equipment 其他通用设备制造业
    IN_3541 Manufacturing Industry for Bearings 轴承制造业
    IN_3542 Manufacturing Industry for Valves 阀门制造业
    IN_3561 Manufacturing Industry for Hydraulic Parts and Hydrodynamic Parts 液压件及液力件制造业
    IN_3562 Manufacturing Industry for Pneumatic Components 气动元件制造业
    IN_3563 Manufacturing Industry for Sealing Parts 密封件制造业
    IN_3564 Industry for Powder Metallurgical Products 粉末冶金制品业
    IN_3565 Manufacturing Industry for Fasteners 紧固件制造业
    IN_3566 Manufacturing Industry for Springs 弹簧制造业
    IN_3567 Manufacturing Industry for Chains 链条制造业
    IN_3568 Manufacturing Industry for Gears 齿轮制造业
    IN_3569 Manufacturing Industry for Other General-purpose Components That Are Not Covered Above 其他类未包括的通用零部件制造业
    IN_3571 Manufacturing Industry for Castings 铸件制造业
    IN_3572 Manufacturing Industry for Forgings 锻件制造业
    IN_3580 Repairing Trade for Ordinary Machines 普通机械修理业
    IN_3590 Manufacturing Industry for Other Ordinary Machines 其他普通机械制造业
    IN_3611 Manufacturing Industry for Equipment for Mines 矿山设备制造业
    IN_3613 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Metallurgical Industry 冶金工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3615 Manufacturing Industry for Special Equipment for Electrical Engineering 电工专用设备制造业
    IN_3617 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Electronic Industry 电子工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3619 Manufacturing Trade for Other Special Equipment for Electro-mechanical Industries 其他 机电工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3621 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Petroleum Industry 石油工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3622 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Chemical Industry 化学工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3623 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Chemical Fiber Industry 化学纤维工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3624 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Rubber Industry 橡胶工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3625 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Plastic Industry 塑料工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3626 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Forest Industry 木材工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3627 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Printing Industry 印刷工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3628 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Pharmaceutical Industry 制药工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3629 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Building Materials and other Non-metallic Ore Products 建材及其他非金属矿物制品专用设备制造业
    IN_3631 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry 食品、饮料、烟草工业专和设备制造业
    IN_3632 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Grain and Oil 粮油工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3633 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Fodder Industry 饲料工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3634 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Packing Industry 包装工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3635 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Textile, Clothing, Leather Industry 纺织、服装、皮革工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3636 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Lighting Apparatus 电光源工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3637 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Daily Siliceous Products Industry 日用硅酸制品工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3638 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Pulp and Paper-making Industry 制浆、造纸工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3639 Manufacturing Trade for Special Equipment for Daily Chemical Industry 日用化学工业专用设备制造业
    IN_3641 Manufacturing Trade for Tractors 拖拉机制造业
    IN_3642 Manufacturing Trade for Mechanized Agricultural Implements 机械化农机具制造业
    IN_3643 Manufacturing Trade for Forestry 营林机械制造业
    IN_3644 Manufacturing Trade for Animal Husbandry 畜牧机械制造业
    IN_3645 Manufacturing Trade for Fishery 渔业机械制造业
    IN_3646 Manufacturing Trade for Water Conservancy 水利机械制造业
    IN_3647 Manufacturing Trade for Tractor Attachments 拖拉机配件制造业
    IN_3649 Manufacturing Trade for Other Machines for Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Fishery and Water 其他农、林、牧、渔、水利业机械制造业
    IN_3651 Manufacturing Industry for Operating Apparatus 手术器械制造业
    IN_3652 Manufacturing Industry for Medical Treating Instrument and Equipment 医疗仪器、设备制造业
    IN_3653 Manufacturing Industry for Diagnosing Tools 诊断用品制造业
    IN_3654 Manufacturing Industry for Medical Material and Treating Tools 医用材料及医疗用品制造业
    IN_3655 Manufacturing Industry for Artificial Limb and Orthopedic Tools 假肢、矫形器制造业
    IN_3671 Manufacturing Industry for Building Machinery 建筑机械制造业
    IN_3672 Manufacturing Industry for Special Equipment for Geology 地质专用设备制造业
    IN_3673 Manufacturing Industry for Treating Apparatus for Animal Husbandry Veterinary Surgeon 畜牧兽医医疗器械制造业
    IN_3674 Manufacturing Industry for Sewing Machine 缝纫机制造业
    IN_3675 Manufacturing Industry for Special Machines for Commercial, Food and Service Trade 商业、饮食业、服务业、专用机械制造业
    IN_3676 Manufacturing Industry for Postal Machines and Materials 邮政机械及器材制造业
    IN_3677 Manufacturing Industry for Environmental Protection Machines 环境保护机械制造业
    IN_3678 Manufacturing Industry for Social Public Security Equipment and Materials 社会公共安全设备及器材制造业
    IN_3679 Manufacturing Industry for Special-purpose Equipment Not Included in Other Category 其他类未包括的专用设备制造业
    IN_3681 Repairing Industry for Special Industrial Equipment 工业专用设备修理业
    IN_3683 Repairing Industry for Special Industrial Equipment 农、林、牧、渔、水利机械修理业
    IN_3685 Repairing Industry for Medical Apparatus 医疗器械修理业
    IN_3689 Repairing Industry for Other Special Mechanical Equipment 其他专用机械设备修理业
    IN_3711 Manufacturing Industry for Locomotive 机车制造业
    IN_3712 Manufacturing Industry for Passenger Carrier 客车制造业
    IN_3713 Manufacturing Industry for Freight Car 货车制造业
    IN_3714 Manufacturing Industry for Attachments for Locomotive Vehicles 机车车辆配件制造业
    IN_3715 Manufacturing Industry for Signal Equipment for Railway 铁路信号设备制造业
    IN_3716 Manufacturing Industry for Special Equipment for Railway 铁路专用设备制造业
    IN_3717 Manufacturing Industry for Special Material for Railway 铁路专用器材制造业
    IN_3719 Manufacturing Industry for Other Railway Transporting Equipment 其他铁路运输设备制造业
    IN_3721 Truck Manufacturing Industry 载重汽车制造业
    IN_3722 Passenger Car Manufacturing Industry 客车制造业
    IN_3723 Car Manufacturing Industry 小轿车制造业
    IN_3724 Mini-automobile Manufacturing Industry 微型汽车制造业
    IN_3725 Manufacturing Industry for Special Vehicles and Rebuilt Automobiles 特种车辆及改装汽车制造业
    IN_3726 Manufacturing Industry for Automobile Body 汽车车身制造业
    IN_3727 Manufacturing Industry for Automobile Components and Attachments 汽车零部件及配件制造业
    IN_3731 Manufacturing Industry for Complete Motorcycle 摩托车整车制造业
    IN_3732 Manufacturing Industry for Motorcycle Components and Attachments 摩托车零部件及配件制造业
    IN_3740 Manufacturing Industry for Bicycles 自行车制造业
    IN_3750 Manufacturing Industry for Trams 电车制造业
    IN_3761 Manufacturing Industry for Ocean Transporting Ships 海洋运输船制造业
    IN_3762 Manufacturing Industry for Inland-River Ships 内河船制造业
    IN_3763 Manufacturing Industry for Fishing Vessel 渔轮制造业
    IN_3764 Manufacturing Industry for Ship Machine Equipment 船舶机械设备制造业
    IN_3765 Manufacturing Industry for Offshore Oil Platform
    IN_3771 Aircraft Manufacturing Industry 飞机制造业
    IN_3779 Manufacturing Industry for Other Aerospace Spacecraft 其他航空航天器制造业
    IN_3781 Repairing Industry for Railway Transporting Equipment 铁路运输设备修理业
    IN_3782 Automobile Repairing Industry 汽车修理业
    IN_3783 Motorcycle Repairing Industry 摩托车修理业
    IN_3784 Tram Repairing Industry 电车修理业
    IN_3785 Ship Repairing Industry 船舶修理业
    IN_3786 Aircraft Repairing Industry 飞机修理业
    IN_3789 Repairing Industry for Other Transporting Equipment 其他交通运输设备修理业
    IN_3791 Manufacturing Industry for Navigation Mark Material 航标器材制造业
    IN_3792 Manufacturing Industry for Submarine Equipment 潜水装备制造业
    IN_3793 Manufacturing Industry for Road Mark 公路标志制造业
    IN_4011 Manufacturing Industry for Power Generator 发电机制造业
    IN_4012 Manufacturing Industry for Motors 电动机制造业
    IN_4013 Manufacturing Industry for Mini-Electric Machines 微电机制造业
    IN_4021 Manufacturing Industry for Transformer 变压器制造业
    IN_4022 Manufacturing Industry for Rectifiers 整流器制造业
    IN_4023 Manufacturing Industry for Capacitors 电容器制造业
    IN_4024 Manufacturing Industry for Switching Controls 开关控制设备制造业
    IN_4027 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Equipment and Components 电器设备元件制造业
    IN_4029 Manufacturing Industry for Other Power Transmitting/Distributing and Controlling Equipment 其他输配电及控制设备制造业
    IN_4041 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Wires and Cables 电线电缆制造业
    IN_4043 Industry for Insulating Products 绝缘制品业
    IN_4045 Manufacturing Industry for Accumulator 蓄电池制造业
    IN_4046 Manufacturing Industry for Primary Cells 干电池制造业
    IN_4049 Manufacturing Industry for Other Equipment for Electric Engineering 其他电工器材制造业
    IN_4061 Manufacturing Industry for Washing Machines 洗衣机制造业
    IN_4062 Manufacturing Industry for Dust Arrestors 吸尘器制造业
    IN_4063 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Refrigerators 电冰箱制造业
    IN_4064 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Fans 电风扇制造业
    IN_4065 Manufacturing Industry for Air Conditioners 空调器制造业
    IN_4066 Manufacturing Industry for Oil-Smoke Remover 排油烟机制造业
    IN_4069 Manufacturing Industry for Other Electric Appliances 其他日用电器制造业
    IN_4071 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Light Source 电光源制造业
    IN_4072 Manufacturing Industry for Lamp Holder and Lampstand 灯头、灯座制造业
    IN_4073 Manufacturing Industry for Lamps and Lanterns 灯具制造业
    IN_4074 Manufacturing Industry for Appliances for Lamp Electricity 灯用电器附件制造业
    IN_4079 Manufacturing Industry for Other Lighting Tools 其他照明器具制造业
    IN_4080 Repairing Industry for Electric Machines 电气机械修理业
    IN_4091 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Welder 电焊机制造业
    IN_4092 Manufacturing Industry for Industrial Electric Furnace 工业用电炉制造业
    IN_4099 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Machines That Are Not Covered in Other Categories 其他类未包括的电气机械制造业
    IN_4111 Manufacturing Industry for Transmission Equipment 传输设备制造业
    IN_4112 Manufacturing Industry for Exchange Equipment 交换设备制造业
    IN_4113 Manufacturing Industry for Communication Terminal Equipment 通信终端设备制造业
    IN_4119 Manufacturing Industry for Other Communication Equipment 其他通信设备制造业
    IN_4121 Manufacturing Industry for Complete Radar 雷达整机制造业
    IN_4122 Manufacturing Industry for Outfitting Equipment and Components Special for Radar 雷达专用配套设备及部件制造业
    IN_4130 Manufacturing Industry for Equipment for Broadcasting and TV 广播电视设备制造业
    IN_4141 Manufacturing Industry for Complete Electronic Computer 电子计算机整机制造业
    IN_4143 Manufacturing Industry for Peripherials of Electronic Computer 电子计算机外部设备制造业
    IN_4151 Manufacturing Industry for Electric Vacuum Devices 电真空器件制造业
    IN_4153 Manufacturing Industry for Semi-conductor Devices 半导体器件制造业
    IN_4155 Manufacturing Industry for Ics 集成电路制造业
    IN_4160 Manufacturing Industry for Electronic Components 电子元件制造业
    IN_4171 Manufacturing Industry for TV sets, Video Recorder and Movie Cameras 电视机制造业
    IN_4172 Manufacturing Industry for Radio and Tape Recorder 收音机、录音机制造业
    IN_4173 Manufacturing Industry for Electronic Calculator 电子计算器制造业
    IN_4181 Repairing Industry for Communication Equipment 通信设备修理业
    IN_4182 Repairing Industry for TV and Broadcast Equipment 广播电视设备修理业
    IN_4183 Repairing Industry for Electronic Computer 电子计算机修理业
    IN_4189 Repairing Industry for Other Electronic Equipment 其他电子设备修理业
    IN_4190 Manufacturing Industry for Other Electronic Equipment 其他电子设备制造业
    IN_4211 Manufacturing Industry for Industrial Automatic Instrument 工业自动化仪表制造业
    IN_4212 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument for Electric Engineering 电工仪器、仪表制造业
    IN_4213 Optical Instrument Manufacturing Industry 光学仪器制造业
    IN_4214 Manufacturing Industry for Timing Instrument 计时仪器制造业
    IN_4215 Manufacturing Industry for Analyzing Instrument 分析仪器制造业
    IN_4216 Manufacturing Industry for Testing Machine 试验机制造业
    IN_4217 Manufacturing Industry for Lab Instruments and Devices 实验室仪器及装置制造业
    IN_4218 Manufacturing Industry for General-purpose Instrument Components and Devices 通用仪器仪表元件、器件制造业
    IN_4219 Manufacturing Industry for Other General-purpose Instrument 其他通用仪表制造业
    IN_4221 Manufacturing Industry for Environmental-protection Instrument 环境保护仪器仪表制造业
    IN_4222 Manufacturing Industry for Automobile Instrument 汽车仪器仪表制造业
    IN_4223 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument for Navigation and Controlling & Guiding 导航、制导仪器制造业
    IN_4224 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument for Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishing 农、林、牧、渔仪器、仪表制造业
    IN_4225 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument Special for Geological Prospecting, Drilling & Exploiting and Ea 地质勘探、钻采、地震专用仪器制造业
    IN_4226 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument for Meteorology, Sea, Hydrology and Astronomy Measuring 气象、海洋、水文、天文测量仪器制造业
    IN_4227 Manufacturing Industry for Instrument for Education 教学仪器制造业
    IN_4228 Manufacturing Industry for Nucleon and Nuclear Radiation Measuring Instrument 核子及核辐射测量仪器制造业
    IN_4229 Manufacturing Industry for Special Instrument Components and Components 专用仪器仪表元件、器件制造业
    IN_4230 Manufacturing Industry for Electronic Measuring Instrument 电子测量仪器制造业
    IN_4241 Manufacturing Industry for Measuring Instruments for Transmitting Standards 传递标准用计量仪器制造业
    IN_4242 Manufacturing Industry for Measuring Tools and Instruments 量具量仪制造业
    IN_4243 Manufacturing Industry for Weighing Apparatus 衡器制造业
    IN_4251 Manufacturing Industry for Movie Machines 电影机械制造业
    IN_4252 Manufacturing Industry for Slide and Projector 幻灯机及投影仪制造业
    IN_4254 Manufacturing Industry for Camera and Its Materials 照机机及器材制造业
    IN_4256 Manufacturing Industry for Copier 复印机制造业
    IN_4257 Manufacturing Industry for Typewriter and Mimeograph 打字机及油印机制造业
    IN_4259 Manufacturing Industry for Other Cultural and Office Machines 其他文化、办公用机械制造业
    IN_4260 Manufacturing Industry for Watch 钟表制造业
    IN_4280 Repairing Industry for Instruments and Cultural & Office Machines 仪器仪表及文化、办公用机械修理业
    IN_4290 Manufacturing Industry for Other Instrument 其他仪器仪表制造业
    IN_4311 Manufacturing Industry for Sculpture Handicrafts 雕塑工艺品制造业
    IN_4312 Manufacturing Industry for Metal Handicraft 金属工艺品制造业
    IN_4313 Manufacturing Industry for Lacquer Handicrafts 漆器工艺品制造业
    IN_4314 Manufacturing Industry for Flower and Painting Handicrafts 花画工艺品制造业
    IN_4315 Manufacturing Industry for Handicraft Articles of Bamboo, Rattan, Palm and Grass 竹、藤、棕、草工艺品制造业
    IN_4316 Manufacturing Industry for Handicraft of Drawnwork and Embroider 抽纱剌绣工艺品制造业
    IN_4317 Blanket Manufacturing Industry 地毯制造业
    IN_4318 Jewelry Manufacturing Industry 首饰制造业
    IN_4319 Manufacturing Industry for Other Handicrafts 其他工艺美术品制造业
    IN_4351 Mirror Manufacturing Industry 制镜业
    IN_4353 Spectacle Manufacturing Industry 眼镜制造业
    IN_4355 Umbrella Manufacturing Industry 制伞业
    IN_4357 Bristle Processing and Brush Manufacturing Industry 鬃毛加工及制刷业
    IN_4391 Manufacturing Industry for Other Daily Products 生产用其他产品制造业
    IN_4392 Manufacturing Industry for Other Daily Products 生活用其他产品制造业
    IN_4411 Thermal Power Generation Industry 火力发电业
    IN_4412 Hydraulic Power Generation Industry 水力发电业
    IN_4413 Nuclear Power Generation Industry 核力发电业
    IN_4419 Other Power Generation Industry 其他电业
    IN_4420 Electricity Supplying Industry 电力供应业
    IN_4430 Producing and Supplying Industry forSteam and Hot Water 蒸汽、热水生产和供应业
    IN_4510 Producing Industry for Gas 煤气生产业
    IN_4520 Supplying Industry for Gas 煤气供应业
    IN_4610 Producing Industry for Tap Water 自来水生产业
    IN_4620 Producing and Supplying Industry for Gas 自来水供应业

    SC_10 Large Size 大型
    SC_11 Oversize 特大型
    SC_12 Large ⅠSize 大一型
    SC_13 Large ⅡSize 大二型
    SC_20 Medium Size 中型
    SC_21 Medium Ⅰ Size 中一型
    SC_22 Medium ⅡSize 中二型
    SC_30 Small Size 小型

    RE_1 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 0-30 0----30万元
    RE_2 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 30---50 30---50万元
    RE_3 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 50---100 50---100万元
    RE_4 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 100--300 100--300万元
    RE_5 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 300--500 300--500万元
    RE_6 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 500--1000 500--1000万元
    RE_7 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 1000-3000 1000-3000万元
    RE_8 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 3000-5000 3000-5000万元
    RE_9 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 5000-10000 5000-1亿元
    RE_10 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 10000-30000 1----3亿元
    RE_11 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 30000-50000 3----5亿元
    RE_12 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 50000-100000 5----10亿元
    RE_13 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 100000-150000 10----15亿元
    RE_14 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 150000-200000 15----20亿元
    RE_15 Number of Business Units with Revenue (in 10,000 Yuan) 200000 and over 20亿元以上

    EM_1 Number of Units with Employee 1-19 1-19人
    EM_2 Number of Units with Employee 20-49 20-49人
    EM_3 Number of Units with Employee 50-99 50-99人
    EM_4 Number of Units with Employee 100-499 100-499人
    EM_5 Number of Units with Employee 500-999 500-999人
    EM_6 Number of Units with Employee 1000-4999 1000-4999人
    EM_7 Number of Units with Employee 5000-29999 5000-29999人
    EM_8 Number of Units with Employee 30000-49999 30000-49999人
    EM_9 Number of Units with Employee 50000+ 50000人+
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