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  • Atlas of Religions in China
    Order ID:  CDC-A-2010-001
    Publisher:  All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd
    Publication Date:  3/15/2010 12:00:00 AM
    Format:  GIS Shape File
    Languages:  English and Chinese
    Price:  $1,800 (for academic users)
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    This GIS based data product has integrated those official religious data from the 2004 China Economic Census and the ZIP maps of Mainland China. The atlas provides a total of about 70,000 religious sites (Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Muslim, and others) on Mainland China. Each site includes site name, address, contact information, County GB Code, postcode, starting year, primary activities, and employee scale.
    Table of Contents:  
    Variable Description

    ID - The Identity ID of each site
    Type - The type of religions (for reference only, not necessarily accurate)
    Site_Ch - Name of the site in Chinese
    Site_En - Name of the site in English
    Source - Source of the data (1 - unit with legal status; 0 - unit without independent legal status)
    Name_Ch - Name of contact person in Chinese
    Name_En - Name of contact person in English
    Addr_Ch - Address in Chinese
    Addr_En - Address in English
    AreaCode - Area code of phone number
    Tel - Phone number
    Zip2004 - Post code in 2004
    PriAct_Ch - Primary activities in Chinese
    PriAct_En - Primary activities in English
    OwnCode - Ownership code
    Own_Ch - Type of ownership in Chinese
    Own_En - Type of ownership in English
    StartYear - Starting year
    RenuCode - Code of revenue range
    Renu_Ch - Revenue range in Chinese
    Renu_En - Revenue range in English
    EmpCode - Code of employee scale
    Emp_Ch - Employee scale in Chinese
    Emp_En - Employee scale in English
    GBProv - GB Code for Province
    Prov_Ch - Province name in Chinese
    Prov_En - Province name in English
    GBCity - GB Code for City
    City_Ch - City name in Chinese
    City_En - City name in English
    GBCnty00 - GB Code for County in 2000
    Cnty00_Ch - County name in Chinese in 2000
    Cnty00_En - County name in English in 2000
    GBCnty04 - County code in 2004
    Cnty04_Ch - County Chinese name in 2004
    Cnty04_En - County English name in 2004
    GBTwp - GB Code for Township
    Twp_Ch - Township name in Chinese
    Twp_En - Township name in English
    ZIP - Postcode (adjusted)
    PointX - X coordinate
    PointY - Y coordinate
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