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  • Digital Atlas of China by Industries
    Order ID:CDC-A-2011-003
    Publisher:All China Market Reserach Co., Ltd.
    Publication Date:12/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
    Format:GIS Shape Files
    Languages:English and Chinese
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  • Description:

    ACMR is pleased to release the new series of "Digital Atlas of China by Industries", which cover all industries in China with more than 7 millions firm level records from 2004 economic Census. The atlases provide detailed information at firm/agency level, including firm/agency name, address, contact information, year of establishment, ownership, primary products or services, industries, employee and revenue scales with geo-reference of post-code locations. The data is GIS shape file format. This series include:

    - Digital Atlas of Farming, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
    - Digital Atlas of Mining and Quarrying
    - Digital Atlas of Manufacturing
    - Digital Atlas of Production and Distribution of Electric Power, Gas and Water
    - Digital Atlas of Construction
    - Digital Atlas of Transport, Storage and Post
    - Digital Atlas of Information Transmission, Computer Services and Software
    - Digital Atlas of Wholesale and Retail Trade
    - Digital Atlas of Hotel and Restaurants
    - Digital Atlas of Financial Intermediation
    - Digital Atlas of Real Estate
    - Digital Atlas of Leasing and Business Services
    - Digital Atlas of Scientific Research, Technical Service and Geologic Prospecting
    - Digital Atlas of Management of Water Conservancy, Environment and Public Facilities
    - Digital Atlas of Services to Households and Other Services
    - Digital Atlas of Education
    - Digital Atlas of Health, Social Security and Social Welfare
    - Digital Atlas of Culture, Sports and Entertainment
    - Digital Atlas of Government Agencies
    - Digital Atlas of Social Communities and Organizations
    - Digital Atlas of Grass Roots Organizations

    For more details, please contact office@chinadatacenter.net or (734)680-3943.

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