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  • Title River
    Type lines
    Format ArcView Shape file
    Place China
    Source DCW
    Description The Hydrology data was obtained through CIESIN and depicts streams rivers and channeled rivers in China.
    Content Attributes: FNODE: Internal ARCInfo Numbering (default) TNODE: Internal ARCInfo Numbering (default) CODE: 1. Streams, rivers, channeled rivers 2. Inland shorelines 3. Wet sand limits 4. Canals, aqueducts, flumes, penstocks, kanats 5. Glacial limits 6. Snow field, glacier, land ice to water ice or ocean 7. Ice free limits 8. Connectors Projection: Albers Conic Equal Area, datum WGS84
    File Name River.shp.zip
    Contributor Nannon
    Last Update 2002-03-28
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