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  • Title China County Boundary
    Type Polygon
    Format ArcView Shape file
    Date 12/ 1990.
    Place China
    Languages Chinese, English
    Source CASM, CIESIN.
    Description National level boundaries with generalized coastline corresponding to end-of-year administrative geography used for statistical reporting, and mid year geography, used for population census.
    Content Attributes: AREA: Area of county in square meters. PERIMETER: Length of county perimeter in meters. CODE_90: Six digit official Guo-Biao (GB) Code (2 digit province followed by 4 digit prefecture/county code). GBCENMQ: GB Code for mid-year 90, at merged qu level of aggregation NMCENMQ: Name of administrative unit in pinyin NMHANZI: Name of administrative unit in Chinese characters Projection: Albers Conic Equal Area, datum WGS84
    File Name county.zip
    Last Update 2002-03-28
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