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    • Online Application for a User Account on the Platform for Global Research on Novel Coronavirus
    • Date: 2020-03-12
    • The Online Application for Global Research on Novel Coronavirus

      To promote international collaborations on global research on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), researchers and professionals from the China Data Institute, Harvard University, Wuhan University, RMDS Lab, Microsoft China, Vesystem Inc., Knowledge Sharing Inc., All China Marketing Research Inc. as well as some other institutions are working together to build a cloud-based platform for sharing research data on COVID-19. This newly established Platform for Global Research on Novel Coronavirus is starting to offer limited user accounts to global researchers through an application and evaluation process.

      This project encourages applications on the following research topics (not limited to):
      • Outbreak surveillance, early warning and risk assessment based on big data
      • Spatiotemporal change pattern of the spread of COVID-19
      • Impact of COVID-19 on China and Global Trade and Investment
      • Impact of COVID-19 on regional and global industrial supply chains
      • Public opinion changes and public behavior under COVID-19
      • Relationship between spatiotemporal dynamics of COVID-19 and seasonal, climatological and environmental conditions.
      Since we can only support a limited number of users due to cloud resource constrains, all applications need to be reviewed and approval. Proposals with international partners are encouraged. If would like want to know more about the application, please feel free to contact us via covid-2019@umich.edu. More information about this project can also be found at http://chinadatalab.net.
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  Email: office@chinadatacenter.net