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    • New Release of China 2020 Census Data with GIS Maps Series
    • Date: 2022-12-09
    • The ACMR is pleased to release "China 2020 Census Data with GIS Maps Series" at province, city and county levels, The GIS map layers include 2020 administrative boundary maps with population Census data variables from short tables and long tables (map scale = 1:100 million). This CD based data product provided rich information of general population, marriage, age, education, occupation, housing, migration, and etc.All maps are in GIS shape files with both English and Chinese. More details can be found at https://chinadatacenter.net/Data/Services.aspx. Please contact office@chinadatacenter.net or (734)680-3943 if there is any questions.
    • Demo File:
  Email: office@chinadatacenter.net